Christian Louboutin created this act
Scène Voodoo Crazy Horse By Antoine Poupel
Scène Voodoo Crazy Horse By Antoine Poupel
Her legs become crazy
African rhythms
Danseuse Gloria Di Parma Crazy Horse Paris

Voodoo : where trance and dance become one

The curtain unveils perfectly shaped and curvy legs atop colorful stiletto heels. Stop ! This is the only part of the solo performer’s body that will be revealed to you in this act. You will be intimate with these exquisite limbs only. Nonchalantly rubbing against each other to a languorous and repetitive tune of Wabash Blues, they begin to take shape under your very eyes and turn into a character in their own right, sensual and captivating movements. But suddenly, in the middle of the song, something gets caught and the choreography gets stuck… Voodoo will soon be traveling in your senses to the confines of what is visible…


Black magic and red heels

This choreography could have continued on as is and endlessly cradle us in its embrace, but that would be underestimating the creative genius and humour of Christian Louboutin who created this act and made it into a deliriously charming, phosphorescent and supercharged frenzy. In just a few seconds, the atmosphere becomes surrealist and magical! Suddenly, the stage is plunged in darkness, your eyes take time to adjust. The bewitched stilettos take possession of the dancer’s body, her legs become crazy while invisible hands leave fluorescent marks on her skin. The music changes, becomes lively, wild, your heart skips a few beats. This savage tune composed by the Jamaican Swizz Beats, Alicia Keys’ husband, has the dancer resembling an unbridled shaman in high heels! To work her magic, she plunges you into a progressive and mystical trance who’s African rhythms keep accelerating until they finally come to a halt… you are now under her spell!