The most rock n roll!
Scene Scanner Crazy Horse Paris By Rémi Desclaux
Scene Scanner Crazy Horse Paris By Rémi Desclaux
An instant of utter frenzy
Crazy liberation
Scene Scanner Crazy Horse Paris By Rémi Desclaux

Scanner : ecstatic frenzy

Are you ready for Scanner, the most rock n roll and mind-blowing acts of the Totally Crazy! show? The five Crazy Girls who enter the stage will be x-rayed until their gorgeous curves make the lines of light go insane and the legendary Crazy Horse Paris stage becomes overwhelmed by a hurricane of unrelenting energy. The dancers’ individual personalities are revealed in this fiery, yet ultra-sensual choreography. When the scanner reveals their eyes, in a flash you will understand why they are highly determined to sweep you along with fugue and impress their presence upon your retinas all throughout the evening.


The Crazy Girls go wild ! 

If you thought the Crazy Horse dancers always hide below their wigs, hair and personalities, then it’s high time you came (back) to see the show! Ever since Philippe Decouflé and Ali Mahdavi took the reins of the Désirs revue in 2009 of which this number is a part of, several acts reveal the feisty temperaments of the Crazy Girls … and their natural hairdos! In Scanner, this commitment is pushed to its limits with the intention of disclosing, something like a bar code, the true personalities of the dancers. As the light projections created by Olivier Simola and Begoña Garcia Navas scan their bodies, the artists, enthused, assert themselves to the electrical riffs of a tune composed by Antonin Maurel. At the director’s request, each dancer renders her own interpretation of femininity, by giving her art and imagination unrestricted freedom in a moment of complete improvisation. An instant of utter frenzy and crazy liberation reminding us that “what is essential is invisible to the eye”…