“Striptease me while I undress you . . .” murmurs Lolly Wish as she delivers a poem by Luminium. Striptease Moi is an incredible duo fraught with sensual tension, played around the iconic lips sofa of Crazy Horse Paris. Stéphane Jarny has worked with Chantal Thomass to direct it.
Illusion and seduction
Highly charged striptease...
Gainsbourg, Crazy ... and you 

Striptease Moi: illusion and seduction

A man, a woman, a top hat, seamed stockings, and a couch . . . That’s all it takes for Striptease Moi to create the very suggestive ambiance of the Totally Crazy show. And this act has many more surprises, with many tricks to play its game of seduction. It includes the hallmarks of Crazy Horse Paris: brilliant staging, and a sublime sense of what is feminine and cheeky. Your eyes will follow the to-and-fro of the duo of performers who strip to seduce and to become . . . something else . . . full of self-assurance and a hint of magic with the Crazy red kiss in the backdrop.


Highly charged striptease…

“Perched up high on my heels in my Louboutin stilettos, intense and excited, I am in control, of the situation…” the ultimate Crazy woman. Refined? Definitely. Assertive? No doubt. Ultimately . . . so attractive. She has the flavor of the forbidden fruit, and she knows it. Her sights are set on this stranger, and she’ll have him… A sidestep to her androgynous figure? What a pleasure… Simpering, bowing and scraping? Certainly not. She would rather come up with a danceful game of glances and brushing… sometimes languid, sometimes burning, but never wavering. This fills the stage with romantic tension.


Gainsbourg, Crazy … and you 

For this choreographic duet, the pinup singer Lolly Wish sings a title written by Luminium. Her sensual voice sways between racy commands, suggestive murmurs, and heady sighs… an irresistible Gainsbourg ambiance.

The lip-shaped seat has become a must in the legendary cabaret of Avenue Georges V. There’s nothing like it to bring a glamorous and quirky ambiance to the stage.