Follow the Crazy Girl in a swirl of joy, love, and champagne bubbles. Let this flamboyant act carry you away ....
A vortex of love
Dancer Prima Analytic Crazy Horse Paris By Victor Point
Performance becomes art.
Let this flamboyant act carry you away ....

Take my love: A vortex of love

Bubbles of light frolic about the body of the dancer. They brush against her hip, twirl around her mouth, and… pop! Your heart bursts! Take my love presents a woman’s joy of living. It is a creation of Patricia Folly alias Psykko Tico and Cyrille Vergnes. Like bubbles of champagne, the pinkish and gilded projections whisk you off into a whirl of festive sensuality. Both elusive and complicit, with both fiery and sweet eyes, the dancer offers you a joyful and spirited act bursting with pizzazz! Will you dare to follow her swirling ballet?


An agitated act

Magic enters the scene of Crazy Horse Paris. Performance becomes art. It is also festive, with the choreography dressed in luminous art. For the crazy touch, the remarkable voice of Ertha Kitt plays the temptress with a suggestive text… “you can have it, if you want it”…  A swirling and hypnotizing scene that will leave your head spinning…