70 candles, yet hasn’t aged in the least? The secret to the Crazy Horse’s longevity is, in one word, creativity. It means reinventing yourself at every step, keeping it vibrant. A mindset that has always been the raison d’être for this hotspot of Parisian nightlife.
Totally Crazy!
For 90 minutes, the legendary Crazy Girls will bedazzle you with a colorful and joyous performance, repleet with ever more audacious and brazen acts, resolutely modern and in the typical signature style the mythical Parisian cabaret is renowned for.
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Crazy Girls
On stage, from the top of their towering heels, as if perched atop pillars that make them unattainable, their long legs cajole you into raising your eyes. Their famed beautifully arched backs are known worldwide. Learn more...
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Guest Artist
As a centrepiece for its performance, the cabaret is reviving a tradition inherited from Alain Bernardin: inviting guest artists to perform on its stage. Close-up on ...
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