house of creation

When Alain Bernardin, an avant-garde artist and ardent admirer of women, founded Crazy Horse Paris in 1951, a single-minded obsession drove him. Women should be the body and soul of his cabaret, but creation and creativity should be at its heart.

Troupe Crazy Horse Paris By RĂ©mi Desclaux

When Crazy Horse Paris first opened its doors in the parisian “triangle d’or”, the golden triangle, its next door neighbours were Hubert de Givenchy and Cristobal Balenciaga. The famous spanish fashion designer was concerned his upper crust clients would disapprove of the saloon-like decor installed in front of the cabaret. Mr Bernardin conceded to tone it down a bit… in exchange, Balenciaga would provide costumes for the dancers. And that’s how the very first artistic collaboration at the Crazy Horse came to be. Unwittingly, the designer was the first in a long line of celebrities to walk the star-studded path leading up to the Crazy Horse stage. Several years later, Karl Lagerfeld and his black robe, Paco Rabanne and his metallic dress, Jean-Claude Jitrois in leather, Poupie Cadolle and her corsets, or Azzedine Alaïa, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Elie Saab all designed costumes for the Crazy Horse shows.

Creativity is the secret

70 candles, yet hasn’t aged in the least? The secret to the Crazy Horse’s longevity is, in one word, creativity. It means reinventing yourself at every step, keeping it vibrant. A mindset that has always been the raison d’être for this hotspot of Parisian nightlife.

In 2006, Andrée Deissenberg takes the head of Crazy Horse Paris and revolutionises it by breathing new life into the heart of this house of creation. In order to enhance the cabaret’s historical repertoire, she entrusts the designing of new acts to “Guest Creators” of various artistic backgrounds. The choreographer Philippe Decouflé and the revue Désirs, the famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin and Feu and the high priestess of chic lingerie Chantal Thomass with Dessous Dessus take you on a journey to marvellous lands of optical illusions, fluorescent ecstasy and fabulous tales. Giving these artists free rein answers to the craziest of Crazy desires: to be able to offer you breathtaking shows in which the dancers, at the apogee of femininity, hone finely tuned performances that sway from glamour, to humour and back.

Guest Dita Von Tees Crazy Horse Paris

Muses and artists

Since 1951, whether influenced by embroidery, fishnet stockings or leather, femininity has been constantly evolving in Crazy Horse Paris universe. The big bang that started it all were explosive encounters between Alain Bernardin and inspiring, as well as inspired, women. Remarkably talented muses and women, Crazy Horse Paris dancers have always made good use of their personalities, imagination and beauty to turn body language into high art. The whole atmosphere, energy and even choreography can change before your very eyes, depending on which Crazy Girl is performing a solo.

No doubt about it, Crazy Horse Paris is first and foremost a female house of creation.

With this in mind, the cabaret regularly welcomes its “ Guest Stars “ who come to either reinvent the existing acts or enrich the repertoire with new and exclusive, yet ephemeral performances. In 2006, the queen of burlesque, Dita Von Teese, is the first to take the plunge by performing the characteristic Miss Candida’s Bath, an act created fifty years earlier. Other eccentric artists followed, such as the iconic Arielle Dombasle, the statuesque Pamela Anderson, the regal Clotilde Courau, the feline Noémie Lenoir, the intriguing Conchita Wurst and the bionic pop artist Viktoria Modesta.

In September 2023, Crazy Horse Paris was honored to welcome K-POP superstar Lisa.

 The DNA of an artist

Viewing news items through discerning eyes, parodying political events with brio, surfing on artistic trends or choosing to honour specific historical events, such as when Joséphine Baker was inhumed in the Pantheon in 2021… these are the various molecules that make up the Crazy Horse’s DNA.

The cabaret on the George V avenue has always proudly taken a quirky look at the various eras it has traversed. This specific signature style can be found in the significance and commitment of its artistic collaborations. The dancers are all performance artists encouraged to freely express their creativity. The “Guest Creators” and “Guest Stars” are all big names in the contemporary international art scene. And let us not forget the variety artists, crazy entertainers, such as George Bangable and Spicy Squeeze or the amazing dancer James Fenwick, diamonds in the rough the Crazy Horse discovered on stages all over the world, who jazz up and galvanise audiences with their incredible talent. d a sparkle in its eye!

It’s clear to see, what distinguishes this house of creation, as inspired as it is inspiring, is to remain at the heart of the world’s pulse. Yet with a slight step to the side an