Singer, dancer, rapper and now ... Crazy Girl! Lisa, international star and K-pop icon, set the Crazy Horse Paris stage alight on September 28, 29 and 30, 2023 with five exclusive performances that left an indelible impression on both the audience and her fans all over the world.
Lisa (BlackPink) by Rémi Desclaux

A long-standing fan of Crazy Horse Paris and its unique style, Lisa became part of the show and the cabaret’s very special world, becoming a “Crazy Girl” herself.


Each of her performances was a demonstration of her mastery of the stage and her ability to captivate audiences. Lisa brilliantly performed such iconic acts as “Miss Astra”, “Miss Astra Is Back”, “Crisis? What Crisis!?! ” and “But I’m A Good Girl“, always adding her own personal touch.

The intimacy of this experience and Lisa’s proximity to the audience added to its exceptional character, offering a once in a lifetime experience.

Lisa (BlackPink) by Rémi Desclaux

Many of her friends came to support her during the extraordinary performances, including Rosalia, Tyga and, of course, the three other members of BlackPink: Rosé, Jisoo and Jennie. Lisa also attracted celebrities such as Cindy Mello, Bryan Yambao, Christian Louboutin, Austin Butler, Kaia and many others. Her fans were out in force to support her, forming long lines outside the cabaret.


Lisa brought a touch of magic to Crazy Horse Paris, demonstrating not only her artistic talent, but also her ability to adapt and express herself in a variety of artistic worlds. These five exclusive performances will live long in the memory, marking a new chapter for Lisa and for Crazy Horse Paris.

Lisa x Crazy Horse Paris

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