Dita Von Teese, most glamorous icon and international burlesque star, was the very first guest star in the history of the Parisian cabaret, when the Parisian institution decided to open its doors to exceptional women, for unique, exclusive performances.

Dita Von Teese Crazy Horse Paris


Most glamourous icon

Dita premiered on the illustrious Crazy Horse stage in October 2006.

The star paid tribute to Miss Candida, one of the first Crazy Horse dancers, in her unforgettably sensual and already legendary number “Le Bain”.

Fabled figure of the burlesque scene, Dita is internationally acclaimed for her unique and inimitable style.

Reference made to 1950's Pin-ups

Originally aspiring to be a stylist for films, she reinvented and updated the burlesque movement, adding her own personal touch to the art of the tease.

Amongst others, she was inspired by the American show girl, born in 1911, Gypsy Lee Rose.

“Le Bain”, along with three other world-exclusive acts, created for the occasion under the artistic supervision of the Crazy Horse, was presented from the 23rd to the 25th of October 2006 on the acclaimed stage of the cabaret.

Dita Von Teese to return to the Crazy Horse - News

Fashion team around Dita Von Teese

Inspired by Technicolor films and burlesque performers like Gypsy Rose Lee and Lili St. Cyr, Dita Von Teese is world renowned for her ornate live shows and costumes, as well as her personal style and glamour.

Bringing fashion together with burlesque, Dita has collaborated with several designers on her costumes for these performances, including Christian Dior, Elie Saab, Stephen Jones, Mr. Pearl and Laurent Mercier for Ghadah Couture as well as Christian Louboutin, who custom makes all of Dita’s show shoes.

Another appearance in 2009

The 100% glamorous Dita Von Teese performed at the Crazy Horse in 2009.

The guest star interpreted a new version of her must-see “Le Bain” number, which was renamed “Le Bain Noir” and for which she recorded the song “A Guy Who Takes His Time”.

In addition, new numbers were added to the show. One of these, “Lazy”, saw the star stretching out on a red couch, in what can only be described as absolute paroxysm of glamour.

The costumes for the show were created by some of the most prestigious designers, such as Elie Saab, and the shoes by Christian Louboutin, famed shoemaker for the stars.

But the real sensation of this show was made by “Teese’ing”, an act inspired by “Teasing”, a number from the historical repertoire of the Crazy Horse.

“Teese’ing” was imagined by and for Dita herself. The Finale showed off “Etoiles de Paris”, the Etoiles, or Stars, being embodied by the magnificent Crazy Horse dancers themselves. The show was an instant success.

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