Artistic Collab

More than 70 candles, yet hasn’t aged in the least? The secret to the Crazy Horse’s longevity is, in one word, creativity. It means reinventing yourself at every step, keeping it vibrant. A mindset that has always been the raison d’être for this hotspot of Parisian nightlife.
Backstage Crazy Horse Paris By Victor Point
With this in mind, the cabaret regularly welcomes its “ Guest Stars “ who come to either reinvent the existing acts or enrich the repertoire with new and exclusive, yet ephemeral performances
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In 2006, Andrée Deissenberg takes the head of the Crazy Horse and revolutionises it by breathing new life into the heart of this house of creation. In order to enhance the cabaret’s historical repertoire, she entrusts the designing of new acts to “Guest Creators” of various artistic backgrounds.
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