In Beyoncé’s music video “Partition “, the American diva revisits some of the cabaret’s historic numbers.


"PARTITION", a music video at the very heart of the Crazy Horse

Every evening, at the legendary Parisian cabaret located in the heart of the Golden Triangle and founded by the visionary artist, Alain Bernardin, in 1951, the Crazy Horse continues to work together with the greatest stars of our day to glorify femininity. Beyoncé’s video clip stems from the eponymously titled album, released in December of 2013.

A landmark crazy number

Sexier than ever, at times barely clothed in only seductive lingerie and a lace mask, or wearing a leather jacket and red high-heeled shoes, Beyoncé brilliantly makes one of the flagship numbers of the Crazy Horse her own.

The star takes center stage in the “Upside Down” number, an unparalleled and breathtaking play of legs, lights and mirrors. A “Crazy touch”, so very chic and glamorous.

Inside the legendary cabaret

The famous singer, alongside her partner, American rap star Jay-Z, shot this video in a chateau near Paris. A reproduction of the Crazy Horse stage serves as a backdrop for the shooting of the video clip, in which Beyoncé shows off her exquisite feminine attributes, in the purest tradition of the Parisian cabaret.

Flirtatious and provocative, yet always supremely elegant, the “Upside Down” act is also performed in the Crazy Horse’s touring show.

Beyoncé is one of many stars who have worked together with the famous cabaret.

There were also internationally renowned mistress of glamour Dita Von Teese and her unforgettably sensuous number “Le Bain”, as well as the Playboy muse, Pamela Anderson, whose striptease on a Harley will henceforth remain part of Crazy Horse legend.

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