Crazy girls

Crazy Horse Paris' dancers

On stage, from the top of their towering heels, as if perched atop pillars that make them unattainable, their long legs cajole you into raising your eyes. Their famed beautifully arched backs are known worldwide. Their lips, identical, in scarlet red. Electric blue, passionate pink, platinum, vermilion, only the colours of their wigs sometimes tell them apart.

Hippy Bang Bang, Kika Revolver or Etta d’Amour, the dancers are given a stage name ahead of their first performance on the boards of the mythical Parisian cabaret. The secrets of legends, such as Rita Renoir, Bertha von Paraboum, Lova Moor or Polly Underground, who’ve helped shape the heart and soul of Crazy Horse Paris since the 1950s, are then revealed to them in a whisper. They know, elegance, sensuality and humour are their legacy. Hips swaying, your heart will beat in rhythm to their dance steps, while their XXL eyelashes will keep you at bay. Where their art stops, so does what is revealed of them and remains shrouded in mystery.

Crazy Horse Paris dancers’ magnetic appeal, this little extra that makes or breaks an audition of a lifetime, comes from somewhere deep within. Their own personal journeys have made them into exceptional performers and powerful feminine icons. Little by little, the shroud of mystery is lifted and lets you catch a glimpse of who these, at times impertinent and bewitching, explosive or mysterious, but always wildly unique women are: the Crazy Girls.

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