Danseuse Taina de Bermudes Crazy Horse
Danseuse Taina de Bermudes Crazy Horse
Première at Crazy Horse
June 2011
I'm known for
My funny stories
Favorite animal
Griaffe, it's so elegant!
"I’m pretty mysterious and enigmatic"
Dancer Taina de Bermudes Crazy Horse Paris By Riccardo Tinelli
"I get my inspiration from any and all women"
"You need to learn to embrace both your strengths and weaknesses and make the most out of them"
Dancer Taina De Bermudes Crazy Horse Paris By Thomas Hélard

How did you get your stage-name?

As I’m pretty mysterious and enigmatic, I was called “Taina”, which means “secret” in Russian. The Bermuda islands are English so that refers back to my British origins.


What is your fondest memory at the Crazy Horse thus far?

The fondest memory that I have had is when we performed the “Opening” tour in London in front of the real Queen’s Guards! We were given a standing ovation, the audience were jubilant! There was also the show in Tahiti, a wonderful time in a beautiful place.


How do you get motivated when you get up every day?

Nutella! Yes, because you need to treat yourself to a little sweetness from time to time. Otherwise, to get the day off to a good start, I like doing yoga when I get up.


Who is the woman that inspires you most?

Not one person in particular inspires me more than another. I get my inspiration from any and all women. I love observing women when they’re being themselves, it’s often at these times that they’re even more beautiful and fascinating.


What’s your best beauty and/or fitness tip?

Tamanu oil. It’s a vegetable oil from Tahiti that does miracles for your skin. It possesses anti-inflammatory, analgesic, healing, antibacterial properties and regenerates and protects your skin. I apply it every evening, a true miracle oil!


What is “Crazy” and what is “not Crazy” for you?

Crazy means being one-of-a-kind, self-confident and having a good time. You need to learn to embrace both your strengths and weaknesses and make the most out of them.


What is your favorite act in the show?

On tour, it’s U Turn Me On. A joyful and energetic number, riddled with slightly naughty words. This number allows us to let go and express our different personalities. You feel beautiful and free, such bliss. In the Paris show, I love “God Save Our Bareskin”. I’m English and I’m so proud to be able to perform this Queen’s Guards-inspired number.


How do you become a Crazy Horse dancer?

You must have been trained as a ballet dancer and meet the physical requirements necessary for the job. Moreover, you need to have some acting talent and “a little something extra”. It’s also important that you have sparkles in your eyes!


How do you prepare before getting on stage? Are there any rituals you go through?

Makeup, warmup and stretching, before I do one last check of my costume. And finally, add that Crazy touch, the red lipstick.


In only three words, how would you define a Crazy Girl?

Unique, alluring, bewitching. In French it’s: unique, séduisante et enchantée. But I prefer it in English!


Discover Taina de Bermudes in video : 

Photos : Esteban Wautier, Riccardo Tinelli, Thomas Helard

Vidéo : Paul-Henri Pesquet