Danseuse Mika Do Crazy Horse Paris
She’s sixteen. Sequins and feathers fly through the aura of her nights. In this cabaret where she takes her first steps, she watches, gets inspired, learns. In the dressing rooms transformists are putting on makeup with talent, tweaking their acts. On stage, scenes are being created and deconstructed. Five years later, she’s an accomplished cabaret dancer, goes through the doors of the Crazy Horse and now reveals herself as Mika Do.
Danseuse Mika Do Crazy Horse Paris
Première at Crazy Horse
July 2009
Audrey Hepburn
I'm known for
My happiness
“I really give my emotions free rein and carry the audience away with me”
Danseuse Mika Do Crazy Horse Paris
Danseuse Mika Do Crazy Horse Paris
“I’m the happiest woman in the world when I come to the Crazy Horse”
“I had no say in the matter, that dream was to become my life!”
Dancer Mika Do Crazy Horse Paris By Solve Sundsbo

How did you get your stage name?

Like the famous cookie I just make you want to take a bite… and the name also sounds Vietnamese, where I’m originally from.


How does one become a dancer at the Crazy Horse?

I got to know Crazy Horse Paris thanks to a documentary I saw on TV when I was fifteen. When I discovered those magical creatures, I told myself I’d be one of them some day. I had no say in the matter, that dream was to become my life!


What sort of a woman are you when you’re dancing on the Crazy Horse stage?

I got to know myself as a woman on the Crazy Horse stage. Over the years my everyday personality and character got intertwined with my stage identity. I’m now in line with myself: I feel good in my stilettos!


Femme fatale, then again oriental vestal… does this acting talent come natural to all Crazy Girls?

Personally, I’ve always been passionate about acting! I discovered it at a performing arts school when I was ten and have never gotten off stage since. I took acting lessons and was part of a troupe of young Claudettes when I was sixteen, started earning a living in a cabaret. On stage, in my performances, I am very spontaneous and, although I respect the script there’s a bit of improvisation, of letting go, inspired by the emotions I’m feeling at that moment.


Did your life change after becoming a part of the Crazy Horse?

Absolutely! Le Crazy has transformed both my professional and personal life. I left southern France to come work at the Crazy Horse in Paris. A year later, I was sent to Las Vegas for two years, one of the best experiences of my life! When I came back I fell in love with one of the members of the staff and have been living with this young man for the past ten years. And it’s been thirteen years that I’ve been working for Crazy Horse Paris. It’s become my second family, we are very close and the occasional misunderstandings make us grow even closer.


You’re a dancer at the Crazy Horse, but is there an even crazier dream you’d like to accomplish?

Well, yes, I’d love to indulge my passion for acting even more, whether on camera or in a theater. Going from one performance to another in the daily shows is something I revel in. I’m a dancer, to be sure, those skill are acquired, but it’s the game of acting that gets my heart pulsing every time I get on stage at Crazy Horse Paris.


What values do you want to defend when you’re dancing at the Crazy Horse?

Self-confidence. I used to be very self-conscious. I had to learn to accept myself and to turn my weaknesses into strengths. I also give cabaret dance lessons on the side and I always insist on the importance of self-confidence and acceptance. I love seeing the girls come into my class, try something completely new for them and leave an hour later totally transformed.


What is it that still keeps your heart thumping when you come to work at the Crazy Horse?

I’m the happiest woman in the world when I come to Crazy Horse Paris! I love arriving here at this iconic address, going to my dressing room, transforming myself, meeting up with the other girls, getting back on stage and in front of the audience. It’s a bit of everything. I also enjoy my role as captain, which allows me to better get to know the girls and gives me more responsibilities. I’m more than fulfilled. It’s a harsh rhythm, but one that I love.


Which scene of the Totally Crazy! show do you think is the most amazing?

I perform many of them, but Lay Laser Lay remains one the most interesting, because it gives you the most artistic freedom. In this act I really give my emotions free rein and carry the audience away with me. It’s also very aesthetic, on an inclined surface our bodies look even more beautiful, our hair is wet, we’re wearing a marvelous costume and the smoke and light create an absolutely insane atmosphere!

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Photos : Rémi Desclaux, Riccardo Tinelli, Solve Sundsbo
Video : Paul-Henri Pesquet