Splish Splash
Ever since she was a little girl, she knew that the stage would be her future. She has the impression that this desire is so powerful that it wants to burst from her chest and yet, her parents don’t hear it. Therefore, no lessons in a pink tutu for Bamby Splish Splash! She grows up reproducing choreographies she sees on music videos on her own in front of the mirror in her bedroom. When she turns nineteen she opens the doors to destiny and auditions at Crazy Horse Paris. She’s the only one to pass the audition that day, among 16 other candidates. Her small voice is heard, the stage is set, her future is in her hands now.
Première at Crazy Horse
April 2015
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“It’s when I’m on stage that I’m really my true self”
Danseuse Bamby Splish Splash Crazy Horse Remi Desclaux
Dancer Bamby Splish Splash Crazy Horse Paris By Rémi Desclaux
“The idea of becoming a Crazy Horse dancer resonated in my being and went above and beyond my very essence!”
“When I turned eighteen I began preparing myself psychologically and physically to become part of the dance troupe”
Danseuse Bamby Splish Splash

How did you get your stage name?

Bamby” was a no-brainer for several reasons. First of all, because I was very young when I became a part of the troupe, then because my eyes are that of a doe and finally for Disney’s fawn with whom I have my gentle nature and determination in common. The artisitic director compared me to that character who’s always jumping into huge puddles and therefore she added “Splish-Splash”.


How did you get into dancing?

I’ve always been drawn to dancing, but also to singing and acting. My parents didn’t have the time to bring me to dancing school, so, ever since primary school in Marseille and until I graduated form the Nice faculty of arts, where I majored in performance arts, I signed up to all and every dance group I could find. But back then I was taught body language rather than actual dancing. My frustration kept growing and I really hoped something extraordinary would happen to me… When I turned eighteen, I attended a major dance school, which finally taught me the basics of classical and jazz dancing.


When did the Crazy Horse become a part of your life?

The idea of becoming a Crazy Horse dancer resonated in my being and went above and beyond my very essence! When I turned eighteen I began preparing myself psychologically and physically to become part of the dance troupe. Every day for a year, I’d prepare myself physically for an hour and a half to sculpt my body and make it more flexible and also work on my artistic expression and mental projection. On the first of January 2015, I sent in an application. On the second a neighbour told me that auditions were being held in Marseille, my hometown. I took it as a sign! On the thirteenth, I auditioned and was the only candidate to pass!


What sort of woman are you when you’re on Crazy Horse Paris stage?

I feel strong, galvanised, untouchable, totally in control and have the feeling that anything is possible. I feel 100% myself. It’s on stage that I’m the most sincere and honest version of myself, because my own life and stage experiences align and become one.


As you’ve done both, could you explain the difference between physical expression and dancing?

Physical expression is more experimental, empirical. You learn how to interact with the other dancers in a given area. In dance class you hear things like: “Release! Point! Open! Heelturn! Watch your backside!” It’s much more of a technical discipline!


What is it that you love about your dancing job/passion?

What I love is developing a deep inner consciousness and creating a form of expression that I can share on stage with the audience. It’s also a profession where you never stop learning and pushing back your limits, it’s fascinating!


What is still so magical about Crazy Horse Paris, even after over sixty years and counting?

If the Crazy Horse still distinguishes itself after all these years, it’s thanks to the genius of Alain Bernardin, the founder who created a unique artistic signature style both avant-garde and intuitive and which continues to evolve thanks to Andrée Deissenberg, who keeps bringing the house into new and unexpected territories. The well-kept secrets of the Crazy Horse make it oft imitated, yet never equalled.

Discover Bamby Splish-Splash in video :

Photos : Michel Dierickx, Rémi Desclaux
Vidéo : Paul-Henri Pesquet