Andrée Deissenberg

Andrée Deissenberg, Chief Creative and Brand Officer, likes challenges. After having traveled far and wide with the Cirque du Soleil, she arrived at Crazy Horse Paris in March of 2006 to take over the reins of the legendary Parisian cabaret with new vision and impetus. Adopting the aesthetic codes and principles set forth by its founder, Alain Bernardin, which have made the fame of the illustrious cabaret located in the heart of the Golden Triangle in Paris, she put art and creation back on center stage.

Andrée Deissenberg Crazy Horse Paris By Riccardo Tinelli

Reinventing the Crazy

Inspired by Alain Bernardin’s creative spirit, she has strived to revive the legendary shows and soirées that have marked the Parisian venue’s history. In order to appeal to an international as well as Parisian audience, both male and female, and to attract new spectators, Andrée reinvented Crazy Horse Paris.

«Using Bernardin’s vision as a precept, I began by instilling the creative process with current events and women, while at the same time working with artists the world over”

Andrée Deissenberg

Guests stars galore!

She therefore invites Guest Stars, fabulous apparitions rendered irresistible by Crazy Horse Paris artistic team, to perform on the boards of the legendary cabaret. The first star to lend herself to the artistic venture was no other than internationally renowned queen of the burlesque, Dita Von Teese.

The very embodiment of the burlesque dancers that were at the origin of the cabaret’s creation back in the early 50s, pays an emphatic tribute to Miss Candida. Oh-so glamorous Dita Von Teese reproduces the very sensual “Le Bain” number in 2006, performed for the first time by Miss Candida in 1954. Dita thus plays with both Crazy Horse Paris’ artistic legacy whilst adding a twist of modernity.

Then appeared the ineffable muse Arielle Dombasle in 2007, followed in 2008 by Pamela Anderson and her unforgettably sensuous striptease on a Harley…

One after the other, these world-famous Guest Stars and major figures in their artistic fields, perform on the acclaimed cabaret of the 8th arrondissement, appealing to the Paris smart set as well as audiences the world over, during exclusive and select performances! So very Crazy!

Rethinking the theatre

Perpetually reinventing itself, Crazy Horse Paris found it essential to not only renew its repertoire, but also its theatre.

During the summer of 2007, the entire mythical Parisian cabaret was renovated. Andrée wanted an informal setting so that the audience would feel welcomed and relaxed. She also asked for state-of-the-art technical equipment that would meet the same standards of excellence that the very elite of seduction, the Crazy Girl dance troupe, produces every evening.

Brand new interior design, a new floor-plan, new sound technology and lighting, high-definition projections… To the delight of its audience, the Parisian cabaret’s creations in glamour, music, design and fashion, are becoming ever more refined and sophisticated.

A new "Desirs" show

In 2008, in order to renew its historic repertoire, all the while scrupulously adhering to the codes and principles set forth in the 1950s by its pioneering spirit and founder, Alain Bernardin, Andrée Deissenberg called upon the acclaimed French choreographer, Philippe Decouflé.

Under his expert guidance, a dozen new dazzling, brilliant and audacious acts, leading to the production of the “Désirs” show, which made its debut on the fabled stage of the Parisian cabaret in September of 2009, were created.

Fisrt guest creator

In 2011, Crazy Horse Paris invited the illustrious shoe-designer, Christian Louboutin, to create his own show. Following his unique intuition and vision of the modern and universal woman, he is to be the acclaimed cabaret’s first Guest Creator.

International tour

The venerable Parisian venue, presenting an ultra-glamorous show, to be savored either together as a couple or with a group of friends, also exports itself on stages around the world.

All the way from Montréal to Singapore and then again from Saint Petersburg to Barcelona, the “Forever Crazy” tour travels far and wide around the globe. The show, created in tribute to the Crazy Horse Paris’ founder, Alain Bernardin, is a best-of of the most representative of the famed cabaret’s acts. It was produced by Dick Walsh, a very talented artist from Quebec.

An « ode to femininity », according to the Journal du Québec, « a mesmerizing erotic show, praised by women…” so the Tribune de Genève.

Andrée Deissenberg, polyglot and energetic

The Belgian businessman Philippe Lhomme acquired Crazy Horse Paris in 2005 and hired Andrée Deissenberg, an energetic, go-ahead woman, able to converse in 5 languages, as General Manager Creation and Development, with the clear intent of further reinventing the legendary cabaret in Paris and on the international scene.