Totally Crazy!

Celebrating 70 years of oh-so-glamorous Crazy Horse productions, dive into the heart of a Totally Crazy! and sparkling show. For 90 minutes, the legendary Crazy Girls will bedazzle you with a colorful and joyous performance, replete with ever more audacious and brazen acts, resolutely modern and in the typical signature style the mythical Parisian cabaret is renowned for.

Troupe Totally Crazy Crazy Horse Paris by Julien Vallon
Troupe Crazy Horse Paris By RĂ©mi Desclaux

The most artsy of all Parisian cabaret shows

Did you feel the Zou Bisou Bisou that just barely grazed your neck? It’s George Bangable and his devinely vintage and suave voice. This seductive crooner will be your amuse-bouche and guide on your journey into an artristic whirlwind and sensual wave you won’t be able to (but would you even want to?) resist.

Working on Totally Crazy!, the artistic team of the Crazy Horse had only one goal in mind: to make your eyes sparkle in technicolor at every performance! Andrée Deissenberg, General Manager Creation and Development at the Crazy Horse and Stéphane Jarny, artistic director, saught inspiration in both the timeless classics of the Crazy Horse - such as the oh-so-glamourous Lay Laser Lay or U Turn Me On and some of the artistic marvels born of collaborations over the last ten years, a breath of fresh air and impertinence for the most emblematic acts of the famous Parisian cabaret.

Even more festive, creative and immersive: it’s Totally Crazy!

For thirty years now, from the moment the curtain opens, the Crazy Horse dancers perform the march of the British Royal Guard in uniforms. But for the Totally Crazy! show, a quick step to the side, new music for this legendary God Save Our Bareskin so that at the click of the heels, a contemporary and definitely sexy, chic and quirky stage is set! Between two breathtaking acts, voluptuous interludes will dazzle you. The Crazy Girls slip with talent into their roles of interpreting captivating and mischievious characters… Can you feel it, too? A bond forming between you and the dancers?

The beauty of the lights and the precision of the projections, characteristic Crazy Horse style, are as much an artistic as a technical feat. Lace, scales, precious stones, polka-dot or undulating waves, frenzied or romantic, the dancers are draped in colourful light that varies with every fickle change of mood. You will begin to distrust your own senses in this show where everything is orchestrated with millimeter precision. Totally Crazy!

Did you know the Crazy Girls are not the only artists of the show TotallyCrazy?

A larger-than-life singer and master of ceremonies and one or several extraordinary artists, selected from all over the world for their amazing talent, add each night their special touch to the show, for a whole experience you will never forget.

That’s Totally Crazy!

 Spoiler alert: Totally Crazy! in pictures!