Totally Crazy!

With “Totally Crazy” come discover 65 years of dazzling creation and glamour packed into an enchanting 90-minute show!

“Totally Crazy” unities in one dazzling show the quintessence of the cabaret’s most iconic acts.  A veritable remedy for melancholy, “Totally Crazy” sparkles with impertinence and humor in a unique format.

Become completely, totally Crazy!

Elegance + immersion + glamour: the magical equation of this 100% feel-good show

With “Totally Crazy”, the glamor, daring, and impertinence that are the very DNA of Crazy Horse Paris are showcased into a different, more immersive format. The driving desire of this show it to invite the audience to experience fabulous moments of complicity and sharing around iconic acts that have contributed to the Crazy Horse Paris legend.

First innovation: upon arrival to this legendary room, the spectators are greeted by the exquisite Belgian duo George Bangable and Lolly Wish, who ensures a sparkling presence before and during the show. Fantastic crooners, worthy heirs of the Roaring Twenties, George Bangable and Lolly Wish are with the public, and their presence, both elegant and warm, helps to whip up the audience – for a good cause: happiness!

This makes “Totally Crazy” a powerful antidote to the gloom and the blues. And it’s available without a prescription!

The myth revisited: showcased acts

Second innovation: the show integrates the most legendary creations of Crazy Horse Paris into a single space-time, keeping the spotlight on the creativity and the impertinence. It’s a real wind of freedom and freshness sweeping through the Crazy – just strong enough to spice up the numbers without removing emotion.

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  • Voodoo, tableau du show Totally Crazy © Antoine Poupel
  • Affiche du show Totally Crazy au Crazy Horse Paris

Photos : Solve Sundsbo & Antoine Poupel

“Totally Crazy” is in harmony with the heyday of the cabaret: the show celebrates its unmistakable acts such as « God Save our Bareskin » or “U Turn Me On”, which are revisited for the occasion. A little added twist, a little “je ne sais quoi”, that breathes new life into these fabulous acts, without changing their essence.

Let yourself be thrilled and bewitched: the visual power of “Upside Down” by Decouflé, the African trance of “Vooodoo” by Christian Louboutin, the glamour playfulness of the “Reine des Cœurs” by Chantal Thomass, and the aesthetic magic of ” Undress to Kill “by Dita Von Teese and Ali Mahdavi are waiting for you in this ultra-rhythmic show that will make you … Totally Crazy, of course!

Discover a preview of "Totally Crazy"

Crazy Horse Paris

A legendary cabaret that exalts femininity, Crazy Horse Paris was founded in Paris in 1951 by Alain Bernardin, an avant-garde artist and an insatiable admirer of women. His genius? Putting creation and woman at the center of his cabaret. This approach resulted in a veritable artistic signature, where the perfect and arched bodies of the dancers are clothed in subtle lighting effects.

Since 2006, it has been Andrée Deissenberg, General Manager of Creation & Development of Crazy Horse Paris, who has continued this guiding principle around creation. She has also opened the doors to the Crazy to women and exceptional artists for performances that are as exclusive as they are exceptional.

In 2016, Crazy Horse Paris celebrated its 65th anniversary. For this special occasion, the queen of burlesque, Dita Von Teese, captivated more than 8,500 spectators from around the world for 15 days and to sold-out shows and delirious applause.  It was Chantal Thomass who then unfurled her ultra-feminine universe in an acclaimed show “Dessous Dessus” that put the dancers – and the public – “Dessous Dessus” (Upside Down).

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  • God Save Our Bareskin, dans le spectacle Totally Crazy au Crazy Horse Paris © OrnellaPiacentile
  • U Turn Me On, tableau du show Totally Crazy au cabaret le Crazy Horse Paris © Ornella Piacentile

Photos : Ornella Piacentile

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  • More than 30 dancers currently work with Crazy Horse Paris.

  • Deux danseuses du Crazy Horse ont été les modèles pour David Lynch pour son projet « Fetish », en collaboration avec Christian Louboutin.

  • Chaque danseuse est baptisée d’un nom de scène lors de son entrée au Crazy Horse.

  • Christian Louboutin a dessiné les souliers d’une majorité de tableaux dont « Teasing », « Rougir de Désir » et « Upside Down ».

  • La 1ère Guest Star dans l’histoire du Crazy Horse est Dita Von Teese en octobre 2006.

  • Inauguré le 21 septembre 2009, le show “Désirs” est signé Philippe Decouflé et Ali Mahdavi.

  • All dancers are classically trained. It takes three to five month of hard work to transform a classical dancer into a Crazy Girl.

  • 300 “Crazy Red” lipsticks are used each year by Crazy Horse Paris’ dancers.

  • Le nom du cabaret parisien est en hommage au chef Sioux Crazy Horse.

  • At least six pairs of shoes are tailor made for each dancer.

  • Two Crazy Girls modelled for David Lynch’s “Fetish” photo series

  • Crazy Horse Paris was founded by Alain Bernardin in 1951 and has been an illustrious cabaret ever since.

  • The cabaret is considered a national monument in France. It is a cultural phenomenon and part of the national heritage.

  • La voix féminine sur la bande son du numéro “Spoutnik” appartient à la danseuse Fiamma Rosa.

  • Chaque année, les danseuses du Crazy Horse utilisent 250 paires de bas, 500 litres de maquillage et 300 tubes de rouge « Crazy ».

  • Hilton McConnico a crée la première affiche du spectacle “Désirs” en 2009.

  • Fifi Chachnil signe la tenue de la PDGère dans « Crisis ! What Crisis ? »

  • Celebrity shoe creator Christian Louboutin designed the red-soled shoes for many acts including “Teasing”, “Rougir de Désirs” and “Upside Down”.

  • Internationally acclaimed corsetiere Poupie Cadolle, whose grandmother invented the bra, designed the corsets for « Red Shoes ».

  • Poupie Cadolle a crée les corsets de « Red Shoes ».