Scène U Turn Me On Crazy Horse By François Goize
Scène U Turn Me On Crazy Horse By François Goize
Crazy grand finale!
Scène U Turn Me On Crazy Horse By Ornella Piacentile
Scène U Turn Me On Crazy Horse By François Goize
you believe you were almost crazy...
You’ve arrived at destination
Scène U Turn Me On Crazy Horse By Antoine Poupel

U Turn Me On : Crazy grand finale ! 

It’s been almost ninety minutes now, that you’ve set off on a sensational voyage in the company of these breath-taking dancers of Crazy Horse Paris! They’ve made you dream, tremble in your seat, made you want to love, have fun, dance… all throughout this marvelous odyssey! They’ve sometimes brought you to such highs that made you believe you were almost crazy… As you were going through roller-coaster emotions, under cover of darkness, you were watching their perfect figures, the red soles of their Louboutin stilettos… and you were right to do so! You’ve arrived at destination, at the height of glamour, the grand finale of this totally crazy! evening. Keep the party going!


An explosive grand finale ! 

Green! Blue! Fuchsia! Yellow! Lilac! A rainbow of wigs are worn by the dancers as they emerge onto the stage of Crazy Horse Paris. Joy, glamour, cheekiness, charm, the quintessence of what makes the Totally Crazy! show , go up in a bang in this grand finale, the choreography of which was created by the American dancer and choreographer Molly Molloy. In English, Italian, German, French, mischievous words and a lively tune by the historical composer of Crazy Horse Paris, Jacques Morali, which the Crazy Girls come to remind you of by confessing: U Turn Me On!. Did your heart go boum!? Then keep your eyes wide open, because the show is not over yet! Endlessly long legs, a whirlwind of flashy colours, hips swaying in rhythm, small paced steps, marvellous smiles, maliciously teasing, knowing winks from their XXL eyebrows… Before the curtain of the mythical cabaret on George V avenue is drawn, the dancers all stand on stage to perform their final character, delighting you with