Danseuse Pixelle Canon Crazy Horse By Rémi Desclaux
Danseuse Pixelle Canon Crazy Horse By Rémi Desclaux
Danseuse Kika Revolver Crazy Horse Paris
Danseuse Pixelle Canon Crazy Horse By Rémi Desclaux
This act will make her a living legend...
From Polly Underground to Christina Aguilera...
Danseuse Kika Revolver Crazy Horse Paris

But I’m a Good Girl : hapiness ! 

If you’re still feeling a bit dizzy and under the spell of the curvy and hypnotic moves displayed in Vestal’s Desire, then here comes an act that will truly give you a boostéclatant qui va vous extraire de votre torpeur. By adding a splash of playful banter to an already wild ambiance, But I’m a Good Girl throws you into the heart of a crazy party and sweeps you up into an ode to happiness! Get ready to add some sparkle to your life…


Play hide-and-go-seek with a Crazy Girl

First, one hand, then, a delicate arm appear furtively, before being hidden away behind glittery curtains. Then, the curve of a foot wearing silvery stilettos, a leg, svelte and elegant. Your curiosity has been piqued! Who is it who so dares to play a sensual hide-and-go-seek and tease you so on the Crazy Horse stage? Peek-a-boo! C’est But yes, it’s the Good Girl ! At last, you see all of her: her curves, her crazy charm and her explosive energy! Jingling beautifully, the pearls around her draw your attention to her costume.

Minimalist, yet glamorous, it was created by the Franco-Japanese designer, Antoine Kruk, who also authored Crazy, behind the scenes at the Crazy Horse, an illustrated book. Disappearing and again reappearing with the play of lights, the dancer sends her legs skyward and throws her smiles to the audience. This lively and energetic choreography was created by Molly Molloy, who’s dancing talents have brought her to stages all over the world. Amongst other realizations, the American choreographer worked together with Arielle Dombasle, for several exclusive performances on the Crazy Horse stage in 2007.


From Polly Underground to Christina Aguilera

But I’m a Good Girl, historic act of the Crazy Horse, owes its fame in part to the dancer who created it. In a cabaret in Germany, Alain Bernardin et sa muse Lova Moor discovers the dual-national, American and German, Madeleine Harper. Seduced by this breathtaking showgirl, he asks her to be a part of his Crazy Girls dance troupe and changes her name to Polly Underground.

Several rehearsals later, she bedazzles the Crazy Horse audience in a sparkling act, My name is Polly Underground, to music by Jacques Morali. This act will make her a living legend, at the famous Parisian cabaret. Over time, this creation will evolve into becoming the no less famous, But I’m a Good Girl, now performed in the Totally Crazy show, as well as in the Forever Crazy world tour.. To honor the memory of this iconic dancer, the new lounge bar overlooking the completely renovated venue was given the name Polly Underground, Between its discretely intimate its glittering counter and booth seats, stunning views of both stage and venue. While on the subject of famous Christina Aguilera performed her version of the song But I am a good girl in the movie Burlesque in which she starred along side in 2010. Incidentally, it’s because of this very movie that a young Australian dancer starts daydreaming of becoming a Good Girl herself and then flies over to the other side of the world to audition in Paris. Her crazy gamble pays off: Bonjour, Etta D’Amour!