Scène Upside Down Crazy Horse By François Goize
A spectacular scenography thanks to the use of a mirror, the appearance of an arm, a bust or a sweet face, such is the recipe of Upside Down. Visually, the spectator is bewitched by the illusions of forms and proportions which are proposed to him. Musically, the "Toxic" version of Yael NaĂŻm does the rest...
Scène Upside Down Crazy Horse By François Goize
"A whirlwind of utopias and desires..."
Scène Upside Down Crazy Horse By François Goize
Scène Upside Down Crazy Horse By Rémi Desclaux
"This sensual and mind-blowing lullaby sweeps you away into the depths of a dream"
"Everything becomes multiple."
Scène Upside Down Crazy Horse By Antoine Poupel

Upside Down : chic optical illusion and Toxic

How soothing this sweet rendition by Yael Naim of Toxic. This sensual and mind-blowing lullaby sweeps you away into the depths of a dream teaming with mythical creatures. Thanks to a play of mirrors (I don’t want to reveal our secrets), the illusion of water takes shape. A bouquet of legs, harmonious curves, everything multiplies. Signature Crazy Horse hypnotic lighting effects embark you on a surrealist voyage through this kaleidoscopic choreography.


A dream imagined by Philippe

First ever scene directed by the choreographer Philippe Decouflé in 2009, Upside Down is one of the most disconcerting visual creations of the Totally Crazy show! In this singular act, Philippe Decouflé pays tribute to his mentor, the crazy but nevertheless brilliant dancer and choreographer Alwin Nikolaïs, who’s exhilerating pieces combine mirror plays and optical illusions.

In order to master this whirlwind of utopias – and desires -, the Crazy Horse calls on the polymorphous artist Ali Mahdavi. Artistic director of Upside Down and of so many other acts, he breathes his personal vision of femininity into his work, while making sure to not infringe upon the codes of the cabaret. You see, everything is under control! You can let yourself be seduced without holding back, even if it means losing all sense of orientation. If you need to plant your feet firmly on the ground, follow the red soles of the famous shoe-designer Christian Louboutin, they will guide you along the Upside Down twists and turns and back to the surface.


Crazy fact:Beyoncé takes another turn at Upside Down

In 2013, when her eponymous album came out, Beyoncé unveiled a music video entitled Partition, in which she adapts some of the acts of the Crazy Horse repertoire. The music video was partially produced inside that self-same Parisian cabaret and the majestic Queen B, jewel for a day in this legendary casing, imitates with small, unsettling touches the Upside Down choreography.