French of Vietnamese origin
Astrological sign
"A lucky coincidence brought me to the Crazy Horse Paris"
"I need to find a moment’s peace before I get on stage"
"A self-assured, artistic and ‘irrésistible’ woman..."
Danseuse Dekka Dance by Esteban Wautier

How did you get your stage-name?

For many years, I was preparing for a career as a ballet dancer. A lucky coincidence brought me to the Crazy Horse. The little ballerina drops her tutu and dresses herself in nothing but colorful lights. Now that’s what I call decadence!

What is your fondest memory at the Crazy Horse thus far?

Amongst my numerous memories, it surely must be when I danced Rougir de Désir for the very first time!

How do you get motivated when you get up every day?

With a glass of fresh fruit juice!


Who is the woman that inspires you most?

Audrey Hepburn, for her grace and her humanitarian actions.


What’s your best beauty and/or fitness tip?

A fine balance between a healthy diet… and loving food!


What is “Crazy” and what is “not Crazy” for you?

You will never see a Crazy Girl without her being all dolled up, which is what makes her special, that’s what she’s famous for. Of course, she’s just as remarkable in real life!


What is your favorite act in the show?

Rougir de Désir.


How do you become a Crazy Horse dancer?

You become one through choreographic training of the body as well as the mind and with the help of our Show Manager and the other, more experienced dancers.


How do you prepare before getting on stage? Are there any rituals you go through?

It’s sort of like meditation. I need to find a moment’s peace before I get on stage.


In only three words, how would you define a Crazy Girl?

A self-assured, artistic and ‘irrésistible’ woman.

Discover Dekka Dance in video : 

Photos : Rémi Desclaux, Riccardo Tinelli, Esteban Wautier
Vidéo : Paul-Henri Pesquet