At eighteen, Mila was completely relaxed when she attended the Crazy Horse audition in Milan. A young Italian girl, she had just left her family home. She knew nothing about cabaret dancing and had no idea what the Crazy Horse meant to her or the rest of the world. But this audition turned out to be the audition of a lifetime: it was love at first sight. From that day on, Mila Fahrenheit's passion has ignited the stage of the famous Parisian cabaret.
“Fahrenheit evokes the inner flame burning inside me when I am on stage”
Danseuse Mila Fahrenheit Crazy Horse Paris
“I discovered my dream when I started at the Crazy Horse”
"I am very sensitive to energy, and the energy I feel when I walk into the Crazy Horse is fantastic!"
Danseuse Mila Fahrenheit Crazy Horse Paris

How did you get your stage name?

As an Italian and an art student, Mila is a reference to the Venus de Milo. Fahrenheit evokes the inner flame burning inside me when I am on stage.


How did you get into dance?

I have been into sports since my earliest childhood. My father first thought I could be a professional swimmer because I was winning all of my swimming meets. But at seven, I started ballet and it quickly became obvious that that was my path. At the age of twelve, I started an academic course that focused ballet, contemporary dance, modern jazz, vogue, etc. I would leave school at two o’clock, eat in the car with my mother, go to dance classes until eight or ten at night, then home to study until midnight. It was a crazy schedule, but I was very passionate.


At eighteen, I had already come first in an international competition in Italy, from then on, I started to be a target of jealousy within my dance school. As I was very sensitive, I decided to get out of this harmful environment and leave dance. But the following week, fate caught up with me: the choreographer of the TV show Italia’s Got Talent called me and asked me to dance at the finalists’ performances. This first experience on stage was a catalyst: I knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life. From that point onwards, one contract followed another. In 2018, I was advised to go to a Crazy Horse audition in Milan. I was only eighteen years old. I knew nothing about cabaret or the Crazy Horse. My father, who is very supportive and always knows how to motivate me, said: “They will never take you…”. In the end, I was the only one selected out of twenty girls! But above all, this audition was the greatest revelation of my life: I fell completely in love with this House. I discovered my dream when I started at the Crazy Horse, and from there I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. Unfortunately, shortly after my debut, Covid disrupted everything. I went back to Italy while I waited to return to the stage. I felt like a caged lioness and was extremely frustrated. I started performing again in 2022. Finally, I feel alive again!


What thrills you when you walk into the Crazy Horse?

“Thrill” is correct! I am very sensitive to energy, and the energy I feel when I walk into the Crazy Horse is fantastic! The atmosphere among the girls is joyful, relaxed and friendly. The bonds we form are strong and sincere. I feel understood and loved for who I really am. It’s a dream to work here. We spend our time dancing and discovering cultures from all over the world!


How do you deal with stage fright? 

The Crazy Horse really is my dream come true and I enjoy it every single day. I don’t have stage fright, because I feel I am where I belong. I also feel free to be myself on stage. I like to think that when you are yourself, there are no mistakes.


Which act of the Totally Crazy! show do you love the most?

I am always impressed when I watch Take My Love. It is a very demanding act, both physically and in terms of the performance. Alone on stage, the dancer executes an exceptional pole dance performance but stays smiling, while creating a very close bond with the audience. She has to work against the lyrics of the song (“you can have it, if you want it…take my love, take me…”); she has to create the image of a strong, untouchable yet extremely seductive and complicit woman… It’s a tour de force, and I would dare say a perfect magic trick!


Discover Mila Fahrenheit in video: 

Photos: Antoine Flament, Antoine Poupel

Video:  Paul-Henri Pesquet