By inviting top model Noémie Lenoir onto the Crazy Horse stage, the Parisian cabaret opened its doors to a quintessential symbol of feminine beauty and thereby payed tribute to women the world over.

Guest Noémie Lenoir Crazy Horse Paris


Wild beauty

From the 2nd to the 8th of June 2013, on the legendary stage of the Parisian cabaret, the superbly green-eyed actress and top model presented several numbers in exclusive performances.

In this exceptional show the model was able to express all the different facets of her seductive femininity.

Sensual and feline

She notably embodied a sensual and feline being in “Jungle“, a carnal and captivating act.

The “Freedom” number, derived from the historical repertoire of the cabaret, which was founded in the 1950s, saw Noémie stripping down to bare essentials.

She undressed slowly and gracefully, while projected on a screen behind her a dollar bill slowly increased in value, until attaining the symbolic million-dollar mark. A third number, directed by Ali Mahdavi called “Top Model “, was a whimsical play on Noémie Lenoir’s profession.

Hand-in-hand with the greatest designers

Hervé Leroux, formerly known as Hervé Léger, and world-famous for his bandage dresses, designed the costumes. The music was composed by Monarchy, the English electronic music duo. A team of renowned creators, who worked hand-in-hand with Noémie Lenoir and the Crazy Horse… So very chic!

Following in the distinguished footsteps of former Crazy Guest Stars

“Possessing an innate sensitivity to beauty and glamour, I am very happy to have this wonderful opportunity to perform on-stage at the legendary Crazy Horse, surrounded by an amazing troupe and beautified by the exquisite know-how of this temple of Parisian nightlife” .

Noémie Lenoir

Indeed, Noémie Lenoir followed in the illustrious footsteps of the most glamorous Dita Von Teese, extraordinary Arielle Dombasle, Pamela Anderson the showgirl and sparkling Clotilde Courau, who’ve all made guest star appearances at the celebrated cabaret located on avenue George V.

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