Four exceptional shows were performed by the very embodiment of sex appeal, Pamela Anderson, at the Crazy Horse, the fabled Parisian cabaret, in 2008.

Guest Pamela Anderson Crazy Horse Paris By Ellen Von Unwerth


Playboy icon

A chance encounter in Las Vegas between the famed star of the Baywatch TV-series and Andrée Deissenberg, the general manager of the Crazy Horse Paris, sparked the initiative for this exciting project.

For Pamela Anderson performing live on the Crazy Horse stage was something she’d always wanted to do.

The world-famous celebrity thus put on an exceptional show at the pre-eminent Parisian cabaret.

To a tune by Serge Gainsbourg

To a melody written by Serge Gainsbourg “Je n’ai besoin de personne en Harley Davidson” and sung by Brigitte Bardot, Pamela Anderson straddled a Harley and slowly stripped in what was an original number, specially created for her.

Brigitte Bardot actually sent Pamela a message of encouragement and congratulations, on the eve of her first performance.

Pamela Anderson also performed in the splendid Finale with the gorgeous Crazy Girls, saluting, as they left the stage, the audience who comes from all over the world to see the show.

The cabaret’s artistic team created this made-to-measure act for the Icon.

The new Crazy Horse Guest Star, in the same vein as not less notable Dita Von Teese and Arielle Dombasle, performed a number that has already become legendary.

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