The collaboration between the renowned Crazy Horse Paris and the very first Guest Creator, Christian Louboutin, began with a simple text message sent to the latter by Andrée Deissenberg.

Christian Louboutin Crazy Horse Paris


First guest creator of Crazy Horse Paris

He has always been inspired by music-hall dancers and, in particular, by those of the Crazy Horse Paris. It is for this reason that Christian Louboutin, who speaks of the cabaret as being « an iconic Parisian monument, a monument to dance, a modern and dreamlike conceptualization, celebrating women in honor of women”, accepted the invitation without hesitating. The Crazy show, renamed “Feu” for the occasion, was performed from the 5th of March to the 31st of May 2012 to a sold-out audience.

The Crazy codes revisited

For this magnificent show, which revisits the Crazy Horse codes and was filmed in 3D, Louboutin created several acts, in which he adds his own personal vision and touch, as, for example, in the legendary « Teasing » number, that he transformed into a bewitching « Voodoo », with an African dance performed by one of the Crazy Girls.

In this rather surreal and magical act, invisible hands caress the dancer and leave their fluorescent handprints on her body. The act is performed to a tune composed by the American hip-hop recording artist, Swizz Beatz.

Crazy Girls Versus "Loubi" Girls

Amongst his other creations figures an act called « La Pénitente », inspired by a painting by the Spanish artist Francisco de Zurburan and exposed at the Louvre, and « Masteroïde”, created to a tune composed by David Lynch.

In the finale of « Feu », the Crazy Girls square up to the « Loubi Girls » in an act inspired by the famous « Rumble » between the two clans in West Side Story.

Assisted by Patricia Folly for the staging of the acts, Christian Louboutin mixes and matches various artistic domains, such as Hip-Hop and classical masterpieces.

Symbols in the realms of creation

« Christian Louboutin and Crazy Horse Paris are symbols of Parisian nightlife, whose universes cross borders. Symbols of the realms of creation, of astonishment and modernity, they share the same sources of inspiration – Women, of course, but also the world that surrounds them – and have the exceptional know-how to produce hitherto unseen and breath-taking creations. It was therefore a matter of course that we called upon Christian Louboutin”, Andrée Deissenberg, General Manager of Crazy Horse Paris, explains.

Shoes for the stars

Christian Louboutin is a French luxury footwear and leather goods designer. At age 27, he turned his name into a brand. His models are internationally renowned and worn by women as well as showgirls all around the world. In 2012, he collaborated with the famed Parisian cabaret, the Crazy Horse Paris, and its inimitable setting dedicated to beautifying women.

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