Feu, the Crazy Horse's film in 3D


Feu, the Crazy Horse’s film in 3D

In March, Le Crazy opened its doors to the first « Guest Creator » in its history : Christian Louboutin.

The world renowned designer brought with him an eclectic yet spectacular team of artists who together created a sensual new show for Le Crazy.

The artists included David Lynch, Swizz Beats, Mark Fast, Gilles Papain and Patricia Folly. Four new tableaux were created, inspiring the birth of a new show named FEU.

FEU inspired a second parallel project for Le Crazy using technology through film to share Le Crazy’s historical eroticism and entertainment with the rest of the world.

Shot in a 1300 m2 studio

At the heart of FEU is Director Bruno Hullin who created a sensual ballad specifically designed for the choreography and bodies of the world-famous Crazy dancers.

To ensure that the experience would be unedited and as close as possible to seeing the girls up close and personal in their original stage format, the film was shot in a 1300 m2 studio with as little interruption as possible.

Shooting Le Crazy in 3D accentuated the sheer beauty of the dancers as every nuance, muscle, wink and emotion is seen clearly by the camera and ultimately the viewer…

A new method of viewing a live show

During the film guest creator Christian Louboutin sheds some light on the four tableaux that he created and throughout the film he takes time to explain his choices, his sources of inspiration, his collaboration with Le Crazy and his 20-year career as a designer and creator.

« This 3D production is a first for Le Crazy and for me as we are able to utilize 3D filming as a new method of viewing a live show. It has been a great collaboration with the team at Kabo, who quickly understood our theatrical constraints, our company codes and the uniqueness of the project », says Andrée Deissenberg, Managing Director of Le Crazy.

Positive experience of this unedited adventure

Christian Baumard, Vice President of Kabo 3D, reiterated the positive experience of this unedited adventure : « The professionalism of the dancers was paramount, they had to hold poses for minutes on end and did so with precision and always maintained a positive attitude and personable demeanor. Certain designs and lighting effects were re-created specifically for this project and although perhaps not visible at first they just add to the essence and intricacy of the film. »

FEU in 3D is disributed by Côté Diffusion and will be in theaters beginning December 2012.

For more information or to make a reservation, log on to www.akuentic.com.

In 2013, FEU will be released on the big screen in many other countires such as Colombia, Taïwan, Brazil, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Australia and Benelux…