Artiste Roman & Slava Crazy Horse Paris By Mark Davies
You’ll think you’re seeing double when the Ukrainian twins Roman & Slava begin their fascinating tap dancing number ! Funny, ethereal and perfectly synchronized…
Artiste Roman & Slava Crazy Horse Paris By Mark Davies
Artiste Roman & Slava Crazy Horse Paris By Mark Davies
Artiste Roman & Slava Crazy Horse Paris By Mark Davies
and perfectly synchronized!
Artiste Roman & Slava Crazy Horse Paris By Mark Davies

What is your history with dance?

When we were six years old Our mother brought us to the folk dance ensemble, initially we didn’t really like dancing and visited the ensemble only because of communication with friends, even thought about other activities such as athletics, swimming, wrestling and so on, but still We continued to dance and gradually dance became our main occupation in life. While serving in the army, we danced in the ensemble of the Kiev military district, after entered the Kiev State University of Culture and Arts, where we studied such types of dance as ballroom dance Modern and classical dance and so on… at the same time, we began to seriously study the tap-Dance. After that we began performing at concert venues in different groups and as a duet: Roman & Slava.


What kind of men are you when you are at the Crazy Horse?

On the same stage with Crazy Girls you feel like a superman!


What attracts you so much to this passionate profession?

Every appearance on the stage of Crazy Horse delivers a lot of positive emotions and, of course, excitement.


What, on every day, never stop to thrill you when you enter the Crazy Horse?

Before each entry on stage, you worry like the first time and after a successful performance you feel great satisfaction.


Actor, dancer… How would you define yourself?

In our performance there are many components such as dance, mimicry, acting, musicality, all this can be summed up in one word Entertainment.


What would be your definition of femininity? Is a Crazy Girl like any other woman?

On the stage Crazy Girls is the embodiment of the beauty of femininity and glamor, they are, without exaggeration, the Best of the Best.


What’s your crazy side? Your little extra soul?

The stage is like a drug for us and this is our Crazy side, without it it is impossible to live, having tried once.


One thing “Crazy”, and one thing not?

In Crazy horse not just girls, but boys also are crazy !


What has made the magic of Crazy Horse for 70 years?

Since its inception, Crazy Horse has always been and remains the standard of female beauty and eroticism, as well as impeccable taste, so we are happy to be a part Crazy Horse.