Surprise event at Crazy Horse Paris

Exclusive performances on the legendary Crazy Horse Paris stage from March 15th to 30th, 2016.

Alain Bernardin, avant-garde artist, founded legendary Crazy Horse Paris in 1951. This passionate admirer of women was driven by a single idea: to make artistic creation and women the focus of his cabaret. Over the years, Bernardin developed a unique and highly recognizable artistic signature by staging women with perfect bodies dressed with magnificent light projections. This artistic signature was rapidly appraised among artists and creators around the world as well as the general public – pleasing women and men alike.

Since 2006, under the artistic direction of Andrée Deissenberg, Chied Creative Officer, art and fashion have retourned at the heart of the show once again. As a first move, Andrée decides to invite onto Crazy Horse Paris stage extraordinary women to star in exclusive and exceptional shows surround by the Crazy Girls. Among these « Guest Stars » were Dita Von Teese, who was the first to seduce the public, followed by Arielle Dombasle, Pamela Anderson, Clotilde Courau, Noémie Lenoir, and a woman of another kind, Conchita Wurst.

In 2012, Andrée Deissenberg inaugurates a new concept: collaborating with a “Guest Creator”. This new role is played by Christian Louboutin. In March 2012, he presents new creations as part of an extraordinary and ephemeral show called Feu, which holds poster for 3 months and becomes as well a 3D movie, released in cinemas accross France and abroad .

For its 65th anniversary in 2016, Crazy Horse Paris continues to reinvent himself on the inexhaustible woman subject.

So it’s with great pleasure that Crazy Horse Paris announces a next Guest Star for a set of unique performances from March 15th to the 30th, 2016. Who’s this glamorous woman who’ll be starring among Crazy Horse Paris dancers ? The most iconic Parisian cabaret is preparing a big surprise for its beloved public and fans.

… See you on Friday, December 11 to unveil this enigma! Until then … stay tuned !