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Who runs the world? The Crazy Girls of course!
To celebrate International Women’s Day, the renowned cabaret The Crazy Horse Paris is honoring its dancers. From 1 to 30 April*, discover extraordinary artists and powerful female icons!

During the month of April*, Crazy Horse Paris show is celebrating women even more! Every night, a different Crazy Girl is honored on stage and on the cabaret’s website and social media. This is a unique opportunity to discover the engaging personalities and inspiring journeys behind these renowned artists in rainbow wigs.

Every evening, discover the woman behind the artist

Tina Tobago, Hippy Bang-Bang, Prima Analytic, Pixelle Canon... These names are part of the legend of Crazy Horse Paris’ mysterious and elusive dancers. However, from 1 to 30 April 2022*, these striking apparitions reveal the real women behind their artistic souls and athletic bodies.

Every day, a different Crazy Girl is honored at Crazy Horse Paris. Discover these fascinating personalities through candid interviews on the cabaret's website, extraordinary profiles posted on social media, magical on-stage solos and... for the first time, exclusive Q&A sessions with the audience after the show.

"On stage I feel strong, galvanized, untouchable, in total control. I feel that anything is possible. I also feel completely myself.”

Bamby Splish-Splash, dancer

Who are you, Crazy Girl?

What you always wanted to know about the Crazy Girls but never dared to ask

Where did you get your stage name? Do you get stage fright? What is an audition at Crazy Horse Paris like? What is your best beauty secret? What celebrities have you met at the cabaret? Was that you in the last solo?

In April*, Crazy Horse Paris is organizing a daily rendezvous: each day you’re invited to discover the profile of a Crazy Girl online. She tells her story, describes her passions, the challenges she has faced, her personality... When the curtain closes on the glittering finale of the Totally Crazy show, the featured dancer returns to the stage to meet the audience. Dare to ask what you’re dying to know about the life of one of the world's most iconic dance troupes. Discover how incredibly charming and completely down to earth an artist can be.

"Although the dancers may sometimes look the same on stage thanks to the magic of the show, in life they are all very different. They come from different countries and cultures. They embody the woman of 2022: complex and uninhibited, free and multifaceted. These are strong women who may have certain fragilities that they may or may not share. In short, they are like the rest of us..." Andrée Deissenberg, General Manager Creation & Development of Crazy Horse Paris

Crazy Girls are women like any other: wildly unique!

Strong, curious, confident, fragile, dazzling, enigmatic, sensitive, determined, joyful, mischievous... whatever their personality and temperament, from the moment the curtain rises Crazy Horse Paris dancers prove every evening that they are women like any other: crazily unique and wonderfully complex. Their dream led them to this mythical stage. Here they have become free and accomplished women and every evening share with the audience their pride in being themselves and joy in being a woman.

"Every woman is in herself a definition of femininity.”

Hippy Bang Bang, dancer

*excluding Saturdays

Rendezvous with the Crazy Girls*

Friday 1 April: Coco Vanille

Sunday 3 April: Hippy Bang Bang

Monday 4 April: Pixelle Canon

Tuesday 5 April: Bamby Splish-Splash

Wednesday 6 April: Margaux La Chapelle

Thursday 7 April: Banny Bondieu

Friday 8 April: Kika Revolver

Sunday 10 April: Laïla Liberty

Monday 11 April: Tina Tobago

Tuesday 12 April: Lola Kashmir

Wednesday 13 April: Hippy Bang Bang

Thursday 14 April: Prima Analytic

Friday 15 April: Venus Océane

Sunday 17 April: Starlette O’Ara

Monday 18 April: Nahia Vigorosa

Tuesday 19 April: Dekka Dance

Wednesday 20 April: Zelda Showtime

Thursday 21 April: Coco Vanille

Friday 22 April: Clara Supernova

Sunday 24 April: Mika Do

Monday 25 April: Lila Magnetic

Tuesday 26 April: Venus Océane

Wednesday 27 April: Prima Analytic

Thursday 28 April: Pixelle Canon

Friday 29 April: Tina Tobago

*schedule is indicative and subject to change

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