Social medias can't stop talking about Crazy Horse Paris

Dancers side
Troupe Crazy Horse By Andi Elloway

Crazy Horse Paris has long used social media as a way to dialogue and interact with their community.
If you haven’t already done so, be sure to check them out for access to the latest Crazy Horse Paris news.
You won’t be disappointed!

“Crazy Curiosities”: a quirky and intimate spotlight on the Crazy Girls

Let yourself be enchanted for a minute by the magical and mythical girls of Crazy Horse Paris. How would you like to discover the Crazy Girls secrets? Tempted?

In several bold videos, the iconic dancers of Crazy give in to the game of questions and answers, where the only rules are to let go and show your wild side. Dozens of questions, only one possible choice: the answers, in a word or more, can be surprising, touching, and mischievous … just like the Crazy Girls being interviewed!

Hippy Bang Bang, Lila Magnetic and Pixelle Canon open the show of “Crazy Curiosities”: moments of pure joy and mischief now discoverable on Facebook and Instagram.

Backstage with the Crazy Girls : between glamor and friendship

The Crazy Girls reveal the secrets of the cabaret on Instagram!
The girls remain casual and natural as they transport their numerous fans behind the scenes and into the VIP section of Crazy Horse Paris…the experience is full of laughter, makeup sessions, and beautiful stories of friendships. Follow the InstaStories of Crazy Girls and dive into their delightful, charming, and brazen world.

Crazy on Twitter: between news and celebrities

From singers and sportsmen to actors and dancers, everyone wants to spend a Totally Crazy night at the legendary Parisian cabaret.
Check out Crazy Horse Paris twitter account for photos of celebrities with the Crazy Girls, and to stay up to date on all the latest Crazy Horse Paris news.

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