Pretty in summer: the Crazy Girls share their beauty secrets

Sun, sand, lazing around: the perfect recipe for a relaxing and restorative holiday.
In these days of early summer, the alluring Mika Do and the fiery Tina Tobago reveal their beauty routines and offer some tips for looking great with the wind in your hair!


How do you prepare your skin and your body for summer?

Tina: I use face masks regularly and I exfoliate. And of course I go to the gym where I follow a specially designed programme: at the moment it’s abs and glutes and core stability.

Mika: Moisturising your skin is essential: I like natural products and I also exfoliate!


What are your priorities in terms of diet?

Tina: I focus on fruit, especially smoothies, the best ones are freshly made. And I love vegetables, raw, cooked or grilled; I don’t eat much meat, especially in summer.

Mika: Fruit, raw vegetables: I like everything fresh. I make my own lovely salads the way I like them and I can vary them when I want… I also make sure I eat a banana every day, they’re ideal if you’re doing sports as they help prevent cramp and stiffness.


What are the best summer sports for a toned body?

Tina: I alternate swimming, jogging and CrossFit so I can work every part of my body and have fun!

Mika: I walk every day because it’s good for my heart and my body, plus I do a few minutes daily of core stabilisation exercises to stay toned and abs and glutes for my body shape. My routine stays the same, even in winter!


How do you look after your hair in the sun at the beach?

Tina: My hair is usually tied up at the beach. I protect it with almond or coconut oil and I regularly use a moisturising mask.

Mika: I swear by a castor oil mask for my hair. I leave it on for several hours, once a week.


How do you manage your tan, in the sun and after your holidays?

Tina: I’m lucky that I have an all-year tan, but I do use a lot of sun protection: my skin is quite delicate and I tan in 10 minutes. So I use a very high factor sun cream, wear a hat and stay out of strong sunlight.

Mika: I have very fair skin so I protect myself very carefully. To maintain my tan, I take a well-known brand of supplements.


What’s the best make-up for summer?

Tina: Something light – just a DD cream to enhance the complexion. And don’t forget your eyeliner – essential to emphasise your eyes!
Mika: I use a good quality terracotta for a flawless and radiant complexion. And a little mascara, to make my eyes more feline. Nothing else.


What’s your beauty routine? Tell us your secret!

Tina: I use bicarbonate of soda as an exfoliant or mixed with lemon and water to get rid of stubborn blackheads.

Mika: I take a very, very, very cold shower for 3 or 4 minutes every morning. The benefits? Smooth, toned skin and a will of iron!


What do you do to prolong the benefits of summer once autumn arrives? 

Tina: My skin colour has tropical tones… When summer’s over, I change my moisturiser to suit the season and of course, I exfoliate regularly.

Mika: When autumn arrives, my secret is to maintain my rhythm, continue the routines I use in the summer, and eat a balanced diet all year (without forgetting the occasional treat!). I think the most important thing is to listen to your body and your needs, within reason.  That’s the key: a healthy, calm mind in a body that’s healthy and….. calm ;-).


So now all you need to do is follow this wise advice and you’ll have a summer full of glamour and beauty.

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Photos : Riccardo Tinelli