From the 15th to the 30th of March 2016, the Queen of Burlesque par excellence, the fabulous Dita Von Teese, will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of her first appearance on the acclaimed Crazy Horse Paris stage by performing there in 33 exclusive and exceptional shows.

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A love affair

Dita Von Teese first performed at the famed cabaret as its premier Guest Star back in 2006, thereby ushering in a new tradition of guest performances. Others were soon to follow in her illustrious footsteps: Arielle DombaslePamela AndersonConchita Wurst, just to name a few. Chic, confident and “crazy” women, their feminine beauty revealed to awed audiences on the acclaimed stage of the most glamorous of all Parisian cabarets.

In 2009, Dita Von Teese returned once again to Crazy Horse Paris for yet another ultra-glamorous show. It was made up of not only brand new creations, such as « Lazy », but also landmark acts, such as « Le Bain », renamed « Le Bain Noir » for the occasion. In her exclusive and select shows, Dita Von Teese’s unique blend of 1950s charm and sensual seduction makes her one of the most irresistible of all Crazy Horse Paris Guest Stars.

It was therefore a matter of course, in keeping with the tradition introduced by Andrée Deissenberg, General Manager Creation and Development, that the American fashion icon was invited back to the illustrious stage to produce an entirely new show.

Le Crazy? Dita’s passion…

Who other than the very Queen of Burlesque to celebrate the cabaret’s 65th anniversary? Internationally renowned Dita Von Teese draws her inspiration from pre-world war striptease goddesses. She is driven by the same passion that moved Alain Bernardin, founder of the Crazy Horse Paris: women in all their exquisite, mysterious and sensuous beauty. Longtime admirer and inveterate expert of the entire repertoire of acts of this temple of femininity and grace, the collaboration between the Crazy Horse Paris and Dita Von Teese is a match made in heaven.

« When I was young, I was literally obsessed by the Crazy. I would collect pictures of the dancers in uniform and in the early 90s, when I first came to Paris, I was adamant about coming here and I went to see the show four times in one week! After a few days, Alain Bernardin’s daughter noticed me and gave me permission to come as often as I wanted to. I must have seen the show at least 30 times! To me, it’s the French version of the American burlesque. »

Interview in “Le Parisien”, December 11th, 2015

An extraordinary show

Pioneering this new Crazy Horse Paris era, Dita Von Teese has been given « carte blanche ». Dita’s Crazy Show will therefore be one-of-a-kind and include all of her favorite acts from the cabaret’s repertoire: landmark numbers, such as “Le Bain” (in tribute to the 1950s dancer, Miss Candida) or yet again « Tees’ing », a revised version of the famous « Teasing » act.

She will also perform an entirely novel creation which promises to be quite extraordinary. A topnotch artistic team is assisting her in the venture. The new act will be directed by Iranian-born photographer and artistic director, Ali Mahdavi, Dita’s “partner in crime”. Dazzling visual effects will be provided by the D-Labs studio and the unique and inimitable Sébastien Tellier will produce the musical score.

Christian Louboutin will be creating the shoes for all her acts and Zuhair Muhair designing the spectacular outfit the star will be wearing in the “Le Bain” act. For the “Tees’ing” act the costume will be created by Alexis Mabille. And Ralph & Russo will sign the spectacular dress Dita will be wearing for the finale. The fine lingerie, worn by the unique characters “Miss Bisou” and “La Magazineuse”, played by the Crazy Girls, and distributed exclusively in France by Glamuse, stems from her very own lingerie line.

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