Enter into the legend and let yourself be carried away by your « Désirs »…Twelve magnificent dancers with fanciful names are revealed, immersing the spectators into an enthralling universe. For an hour and a half, at a spellbinding pace and through a subtle and delicate interplay of light and shadow, for which the emblematic and unique Parisian venue is known for, the consecutive scenes of the “Désirs” show mesmerize the audience. Hesitate no longer and enter into the refined world of the Parisian cabaret.

Affiche show Désirs Crazy Horse


Between light and shadow

Feminity and creativity

The Crazy Horse Paris reveals its charms in a show directed by Philippe Decouflé and under the artistic direction of Ali Mahdavi.

On the never-quite-finished theme of femininity, « Désirs » is a succession of dazzling, breathtaking, sassy and glamorous numbers.

« Chuchotements », « Upside Down », « Rougir de Désir », « Glamazones»…The creations combine the modern and pure aesthetics: lights “made in Crazy”, astounding special effects, precious and elegant costumes, new and unheard of music and rhythms…

Parisian stars

Gloria di ParmaDekka DanceMika DoMartha Von Krupp…The dancers with catchy, dreamlike names, physical perfection personified, graceful beyond words, the elite of seduction, maintain an aura of mystery as to the secret to their ineffable elegance.

On stage, the Crazy Girls, mischievous, sensual and suggestive, make up the stars in the sky over this mythical Parisian venue!

As if in a dream, we are enshrouded by « Désirs » !

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