To celebrate 65 years of folly and glamour, Crazy Horse Paris is throwing itself into a new creative adventure and is making 2016 an exceptional year by inviting the renowned creator of Parisian lingerie Chantal Thomass to be the show Art Director

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Chantal Thomass Show : exclusive engagement

With Chantal Thomass, Crazy Horse Paris is opening its doors to its first-ever female â€śGuest Creator”. Following Philippe DecouflĂ© and Christian Louboutin, the High Priestess of chic lingerie dresses the legendary Crazy dancers… only to better undress them!

”When Andrée Deissenberg offered me this tantalizing adventure, I didn’t hesitate for a second. I was sure I would have an extraordinary experience, and be given the privilege to create with absolute freedom in a new creative universe. What could be more exciting than having to take up such a challenge for the Temple of Femininity?”

Chantal Thomass, assisted by the Crazy Horse Paris team, presents five exclusive, brand new acts alongside iconic Crazy Horse acts, such as God Save Our Bareskin, reworked into couture pieces to create endlessly reinvented visual effects.

Chantal Thomass added also her personal touch to the cabaret, decorating the venue to offer visitors a unique immersion them into her creative world starting from the opening of the cabaret’s doors all the way to their seats: mirror games, a telephone booth reinvented as a chic boudoir, a red carpet corset and a step & repeat wall to feel like a celebrity and experience Crazy Horse Paris with lots of glamour and a pinch of humor.

Chantal Thomass

The jet-black hair, fringed and bobbed. Carmine lips. An exclusively black wardrobe, barely punctuated by white. The silhouette of Chantal Thomass is unmistakable, fashion icon worshiped by style professionals, known and recognized by the general public, who see in her the High Priestess of chic lingerie.

The adventure begins in the late 60s. That was when the designer launched her first prĂŞt-Ă -porter brand Ter et Bantine.

A few years later, in 1975, Chantal Thomass introduced lingerie into her fashion shows. She diverted traditionally masculine fabrics, playing with silk and having fun with her beloved frills. She successively reinvented the bra, the corset, the garter belt, the corset, stockings, later inventing lace tights.

Gradually, the designer expanded her universe to include that of the home and decorating, opening her boudoir boutique in the center of Paris. Today, Chantal Thomass’s creations are distributed in over 25 countries and remain precursors of a glamorous, ultra feminine, sexy style that has opened the way for many other designers…

Learn more about Chantal Thomass on her website

The show program

As the curtain rises, you will find the quintessential military march that has opened the show for over 65 years, with costumes reworked for the first time since 1989. This legendary act was renamed for the occasion, â€śGod Save The Glam”. You will be playing a hand of sensual cards with Reine des CĹ“urs, before being hypnotized by the sublimely swaying hips of Baby Buns.

The famous arch of Crazy Horse Paris will captivate you with the music of Anthony & the Johnsons in Rougir de DĂ©sir, a masterpiece created by Philippe DecouflĂ© and made iconic by the singer BeyoncĂ©, with her reinterpretation in the video, “Partition”, shot in collaboration with Crazy Horse Paris. The wait will only be all the more delicious behind the beautiful Calais lace from the House of Sophie Hallette in â€śTeasing”.

Then, on the celebrated mouth sofa, codes of male and female will be turned upside down in “Striptease-Moi.” The Crazy Horse dancers, dressed in exquisite costumes by Chantal Thomass put on a stunning performance and demonstrate their talent as actresses in this incredibly sensual act, which marks the end of the first part of the show.

After the deliciously malicious “sisters” in â€śDouble Trouble”, the magic of â€śUpside Down” and the incredible talent of the entertainer, the totally hair-raising Marie Antoinette from â€śRose de Versailles”, wearing custom-made pumps by Christian Louboutin and swinging on a chic swing in Swarovski crystals, will literally make you lose your head!

Then you will sneak backstage as a complicit spectator to the â€śChuchotements” of the Crazy Girls, you will receive oodles of love from the adorable Miss Bizou, to finally have everything turned upside with â€śDessous Dessus”, in the fantastic finale artistically directed by Chantal Thomass and choreographed by the talented StĂ©phane Jarny. A parade of irresistible beauty – and beauties!

But also…

Chantal Thomass transports us into her creative universe by “dressing” the felted spaces of the cabaret on Avenue George V somewhere between glamour and humour. A play of mirrors, a payphone revisited into chic boudoir, a wall decoration in red carpet that invites visitors to take selfies to completely immerse themselves in the Crazy experience created by Chantal Thomass.

In this setting that is Crazy Horse Paris, you will discover a wildly chic and artistic show that elegantly upsets the codes.

So Crazy!

Artistic Direction

Artistic Direction: Chantal Thomass

God Save The Glam – Crisis! What Crisis? – Reine des Cœurs* – Rougir de Désir – Baby Buns -Teasing – Striptease-Moi* – Double Trouble* – Attraction – Upside Down – Rose de Versailles* – Legmania – But I Am a Good Girl – Chuchotements – Take My Love – Dessous Dessus* & your host for the evening: Miss Bizou

*Created by Chantal Thomass

Choreography: StĂ©phane Jarny – Music director: Florian Sailer – Costumes: Chantal Thomass – Shoes: Christian Louboutin – Lights & Projections: Crazy Horse
Striptease-Moi: conceived by Stéphane Lucas

Music :
Reine des CĹ“urs
: “Oops!… I Did It Again” – Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox feat. Haley Reinhart
Created by pianist and arranger Scott Bradlee in 2009, the rotating collective of Postmodern Jukebox reimagines contemporary pop, rock and R&B hits in the style of various yesteryears, from swing to doo-wop, ragtime to Motown – or, as Bradlee himself puts it, “pop music in a time machine.” They have amassed more than 550 million views and 2.1 million subscribers, performed on “Good Morning America”, topped iTunes and Billboard charts and played hundreds of shows to packed-house crowds on four continents. They return to Europe as part of their world tour in March 2017. For more info visit their website .

Striptease–Moi: created exclusively for Crazy Horse Paris, asongwriter: Stéphane Lucas (aka Mister Luminium) – musical direction: Leonard Lasry, singer: Lolly Wish.

Thanks to Barrisol – Boselli – Brugnoli – Caron â€“ Philippe Ferrandis – Giglam – Grosfilley Lunettes – Parapluies Guy de Jean- Maison Sophie Hallette – Christian Louboutin –  Marie MerciĂ© – Celeste Mogador – Jessy Nottola – Antoine Poupel – Ratti – SĂ©ram – Swarovski – Ellen von Unwerth

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