Behind a canvas bathed in hues of fresh colors, a sensual shadow play, a garter being fastened here, a stocking delicately being slipped on there…

Scene Chuchotement Crazy Horse Paris By Antoine Poupel


Safe from view

The lipstick heats up, powder flies up in front of the light of the mirrors.

A final touch here, a thin piece of fabric ironed there, a burst of laughter…

Right in middle of little boxes at the most glamorous cabaret in Paris, safe from the prying eyes, costumes bustle, wigs are adjusted.

The divine dancers with sumptuous curves are working to present you with the finest of shows.

Richly colored

Second number of the show, just after the famous opening performed in a military march called “God Save our Bareskin”, the act “Chuchotements” features a richly colored tableau, with an elegant and surprising play of shadow and light.

In fleeting moments, the supremely sublime Crazy Girls reveal their charms here and there to bedevil your eyes with delight.

A psychedelic backstage view of the famous Crazy Horse!

Resolutely feminine

Born from the imagination of Philippe Decouflé, the famous director of the show “Désirs”, which was launched on the stage of the legendary Parisian cabaret in 2009, “Whispers” is one of the signature acts of the Crazy Horse by Decouflé.

The number, resolutely feminine and joyful, is a clever combination of a play between shadow and light and music created for the occasion by the artist Fred Pallem.

The magnificent play of lights offered in this act was created by Begoña Garcia Navas, a collaborator of Decouflé’s for this show, with the indispensable contribution of the Crazy technical crew.

After the act set to a military march preceding it, this sneak peak backstage is the sign that slowly but surely you are now entering into the most glamorous of Parisian shows…

Ready for the next part? Let’s go Crazy!

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