Dabbled in leopard-print lights, eyes captivating and bold…

Scene Chaing Gang Crazy Horse Paris



A feline in trance, the « Chain Gang » performer and her lion’s mane transport you right into the heart of the savannah.

Fast-paced, unbridled Samba music beckons you deep into the African jungle !

Animal instinct

Woman or animal, or both? This fiery and impassioned theme is explored in the magnificent “Chain Gang” act.

Locked in a cage, wanting, aching to be free. Behind bars, the cat-like dancer wildly sways her hips.

Technically challenging, aesthetically pleasing solo act

A light projection of a leopard’s skin drapes this cat-like, caged woman, showcasing the suppleness of her movements in a hypnotizing choreography of ever-increasing intensity.

« Chain Gang » refers to the animal instinct inside every woman, when the animalistic and the feminine combine to engender a mesmerizing act.

Created by Alain Bernardin and in keeping in line with pure Crazy Horse tradition, this number and its magnificent play of lights, is a delicious, timeless moment.

A stunning solo act, both technically and aesthetically, in which the dancer performs on the tips of her toes.

This most enchanting number is performed to a tune inspired by the famous « No More Chain Gang », by Boney M., released in 1979.

A jerky, twitchy beat, escalating in intensity and speed until it reaches climactic heights.

Performed by Noémie Lenoir and Shakira

Sensual and feline creature, Guest Star on the legendary Crazy Horse stage, Top Model Noémie Lenoir interpreted, in June 2013, the “Chain Gang”-act brilliantly, in exclusive and select performances.

This historic number, from the mythical Parisian cabaret’s repertoire, also inspired numerous artists, of which Shakira, in her famous « She Wolf » clip. In this video, the distinguished Colombian star shows off unbelievably seductive postures behind the bars of a cage.

The « Chain Gang » solo act is part of the fabulous « Forever Crazy » show, a best-of of the major Crazy Horse acts, on tour around the world, from Berlin to Seoul and Milan to Montréal.

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