Nationality : english
Hair : brown
Eyes : blue
Astrological sign: libra

Dancer Martha Von Krupp Crazy Horse Paris ByRiccardo Tinelli


Which is your motivation to well begin the day ?

Being British, I am addicted to tea ! I cannot start the day without a nice cup of English Breakfast ! I also run every morning to wake myself up and get myself ready for the day !

Which are your best beauty/form secret ?

I drink a lot of water. Water with lemon I find is excellent for internal cleansing, for the skin, and for maintaining energy levels. Also, I sleep at least 8 hours a night !

Who is the woman that inspires you the most ?

My Mum ! Being a performer herself, (she’s a classical singer) she knew exactly the hard work I needed to put in to have a successful career.

Where do your stage name come from?

I am very lucky to have a large cambre which is the key in the Crazy show. The Krupe is the part of a horse where the lower back slopes and represents my cambre.

How do you become a dancer at the Crazy Horse ?

I found out about the audition two years ago. I worked at getting my body into the best shape I could for weeks before. The preparation for the audition was very importante. I researched as much as I could about what what it meant to be a Crazy Girl and the history of the Crazy Horse. After receiving the good news, it was still 2 years of waiting before they had a space for me ! But in the end, the wait was worth it !

Which are your rituals before coming on stage ? Your Crazy preparation ?

My preparation crazy always starts with whasing my hair. Having clean, well styled hair almays makes me feel more presentable. Then, I do my makeup ( leaving the famous Crazy Lips last ) then I make sure I warm up well.

Which is your favourite Crazy Horse act ?

Certainly « Crisis? What Crisis! ».

What is your best memory at the Crazy Horse ?

When I found out I was to learn the famous « Crisis? What Crisis! ». It was my favourite number when I first watched the show a few years ago. And now it is an utter dream come true that i have been askes to perform it on the famous Crazy Horse stage.

What is « Crazy » for you ?

Crazy is the mode in which a woman feels the most in tune with her sensuality. I believe every woman has Crazy in her. Many women underestimate the power of their sensuality. It is completely hers, and once it is grasped, she becomes unstoppable.

3 words to define the Crazy Woman ?

A strong, beautiful and unstoppable woman.

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