Miss Bizou © Antoine Poupel


Only a few more weeks to yield to the “Crazy attitude” by Chantal Thomass

She has dreamed up the most glamorous costumes, the chicest lingerie to make our dancers sublime: Chantal Thomass, queen of fine lingerie, created the show  “Dessous Dessus” currently running at Crazy Horse Paris.

A must-see event – but hurry – by April 6th it will be too late!

Above all, Chantal Thomass and the Crazy Horse Paris is a love story. A love of liberated femininity, of glamorous playfulness and self-assured sensuality.

So it was with joy that the lingerie designer threw herself into the shapes, the curves and hip-swaying of our dancers to dress them in lace and corsets that dared to bare all, while never neglecting the essential: the imagination.

And so every night it is with honor that our dancers slip into their outfits, which, if only suggested or minimalist, always remain an ode to beauty, never descending into simplicity.

A bewitching invitation into the heart of femininity

Of course, there is an almost mystical alchemy at play between Chantal Thomass, the Crazy dancers, and the audience. With its staging and music, this bewitching potion materializes in a show that enchants and delights the eye as much as the mind. Because the show is an invitation to travel, aesthetically and sensually, with mischievous stopovers (the “kiss kiss” your hostess gives you will linger long in memory), a visit to England and then Versailles, five minutes of magic glimmering and shimmering between shadows and light (on certain evenings, with our guest artist Philippe Beau)… For an hour and a half, let yourself be swept away to savor the very essence of femininity with all the dancers who will turn you upside down!

Book your tickets  for the final performances of the show “Dessous Dessus” by Chantal Thomass at Crazy Horse Paris!

Photos : Antoine Poupel