“Crazy Love Days”: Blush with desire at Crazy Horse Paris

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Scene Reine des Coeurs Crazy Horse Paris By Antoine Poupel

Crazy Horse Paris is preparing 5 days of dazzling Valentine’s Day celebrations, from February 10 to 14, 2023.

Looking each other deep in the eyes and whispering “I love you” is certainly romantic. But sharing one of the most beautiful shows in Paris with your loved one, transformed into a “love” theme for the occasion, guarantees an unforgettable evening.

3 good reasons to celebrate love at the most iconic cabaret in Paris:

  1. You want to surprise your loved one but you don't have enough time to organize something out of the ordinary?  Choose our Crazy Valentine's Day & dinner at Ginger restaurant offer! A dinner at the elegant Ginger restaurant, located nearby, a fabulous show & champagne at Crazy Horse Paris: settle in, we'll take care of everything!
  2. Say yes to love in the romantic and cozy atmosphere of Crazy Horse Paris, full of red velvet and mirrors. The cabaret goes all out to celebrate love with love messages, roses and a photo setting to capture this magic moment forever! 
  3. Like so many famous couples, Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel, Zendaya & Tom Holland, Cara Delevingne & Ashley Benson, settle into the Crazy seats and be swept off your feet by the most sensual and unique show in Paris. Impossible not to fall "Crazy in Love"!

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The lovers'day, the eyes full of stars

From 10 to 14 February 2023, the world’s most dazzling and glamorous cabaret will invite you to celebrate love, in all its forms, during its “Crazy Love Days”. As a couple, enjoy the Crazy Horse Paris' show artists’ breathtaking performance in the newly renovated cabaret theatre.

With performances such as Reine des CoeursTake My LoveRougir de DésirU Turn Me On, the show is an ode to love that will make everyone fall “Crazy in Love”.

The emblematic Crazy Girls will sweep you off your feet when they perform in the legendary cabaret’s most voluptuous acts, in a blend of iconic scenes and new creations.

Scène Reine des Coeurs Crazy Horse By Antoine Poupel

Looking for ideas to surprise your loved one?

Crazy Horse Paris has put together a list of gift ideas to surprise your sweatheart on Valentine's Day.

Small attentions or big declarations, a Crazy Horse Paris present will always hit its mark! You haven't found your perfect match yet? Make your BFF happy!

  • Original: dive into the dazzling universe of Crazy Horse thanks to the Crazy Experience. With its exclusive guided tour, backstage cocktail & VIP seats, it's a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover the cabaret and all its secrets (also available as a gift voucher).
  • Sexy: you cannot go wrong with lingerie! For yourself or a special someone, fall for the spectacular LIVY x Crazy Horse Paris limited edition capsule collection. 
  • Perfect for small budgets: a Crazy Horse Paris lapel pin by Bamby Splish Splash or original cufflinks. On sale only at the cabaret store.
Scène Upside Down Crazy Horse By Antoine Poupel

Did you know?

Beyonce celebrated her engagement to Jay-Z at the Crazy Horse Paris

So yiedl to temptation and say yes to love!

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