Bamby Splish-Splash: a creative spirit

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Dancer Bamby Splish Splash Crazy Horse Paris By Antoine Poupel

Our sparkly-eyed dancer, Bamby Splish Splash, has been fascinated by showing her artistic side in some form or other throughout her entire life. Allow us to introduce you!

How and why did you join the prestigious Crazy Horse Paris Girls troop?

I have wanted to go into drama for as long as I can remember! It was just something I knew from the day I was born. It’s more than just a fad, I’m driven. I have always loved Crazy Horse Paris due to its reputation as a luxury dance show. Crazy Horse Paris stands out from other cabaret halls, with its own unique, original and unusual style, the girls are really shown to their advantage.

It took me a while to become a Crazy Horse Paris Girl. I promised myself that when I reached the age of 18 I would try my luck, although I assumed I was unlikely to be selected. I have always taken drama and dance classes, however I don’t come from a traditional drama school, which meant that I wasn’t sure I had the right background. When I was 19, on January 1st, 2015, I finally sent my application in thinking, “I have nothing to lose”. I was lucky and a try out was organised in my home town on the next day, I took the date as a good sign and went… and I was selected! I started out with a tour in Seoul, which is a pretty unusual way to begin, before heading to the mythical Crazy Horse Paris stage for the first time about a year later.

Dancer Bamby Splish Splash Crazy Horse By Pixelle Canon

How do you spend your time when you aren’t on stage?

I rapidly found another way to express myself, something I find essential. I had played the role of Disney princesses, and I discovered a whole new and fascinating world: pins! I started by buying some, and following pin designers on Instagram…I had a few ideas of my own, and wanted to bring them to life. I launched my own “Bamby Original” brand.

I then had the honor of designing a series of pins for Crazy Horse Paris: the iconic Crazy Girls wig in eight different colours. I started with black, blue, pink and yellow, and later added green and red, and the last two are now purple and orange.

Which is your favorite scene and why?

It is difficult to just pick one, I love Chain Gang and Lay Laser Lay. Both of these scenes give me plenty of freedom to play a role. They allow me to develop my artistry, express my inner self and the part of myself that I wish to share with the audience. The wild, almost beastly, sensuality of Lay Laser Lay is also a powerful feeling for me, something I love to merge with and express. I have only recently started to play this role, and I simply love it! 

How would you describe a Crazy Girl?

I like to describe Crazy Girls using three Cs: classy, charismatic and curvy. But being a Crazy Girl is clearly much more than that! One other point is important for me, I feel that my “Crazy Girl” role and my “alter ego” are one and the same. Even though I play a role on stage, I still bring my background and my feelings to the show, I am not betraying myself in any way, this is really me. I also greatly admire women in general, particularly my aunty! She is so strong, I can but respect her… and my Crazy Girl colleagues!

Come discover our dancer Bamby Splish-Splash every evening at Crazy Horse Paris for the show “Totally Crazy!”

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