One-to-one at Crazy Horse Paris

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One of our exquisite Crazy Girls will guide you on a very private VIP tour for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the world-famous cabaret and its legendary dance troupe. Unexpected and immersive, this Crazy Experience has many a surprise in store for you!

Cabaret escalier Crazy Horse by Victor Point

The Crazy Experience: a VIP tour with one of the Crazy Girls

Follow the Crazy Girl’s dizzyingly high stilettos as she leads you on a private behind-the-scenes tour of the mythical Parisian cabaret. Guiding you along VIP booths and discreet lounges, she will reveal the venue’s fascinating history and some of its most extraordinary anecdotes. After this surprise-filled and immersive experience, you will see the show through the eyes of an insider. It’s now up to you to keep these secrets to yourself…

An exclusive moment of sharing with a Crazy Girl

Behind the elegant silhouette of the Crazy Girl acting as your guide, you will discover a passionate and fascinating artist. The venue is her setting, the stage her playground, the dance troupe her family. She will reveal all the secrets and disclose step by velvety step what goes on backstage, a realm otherwise hidden from the audience.

An exceptional experience right at the heart of Glamour

Another hour and a half before the curtain is drawn. You are greeted in a completely redesigned Crazy Horse, more elegant and playful than ever, where every detail is a tribute to the venue’s artistic legacy. You enter through the powdery pink entrance hall, tread on the plush, red and kiss-spangled carpet and, sparkling mirrors on either side, descend steps to the Crazy Horse’s antechamber. The Crazy Experience is about to start with one of the iconic Crazy Girls. Surprises galore: Ring ring, that phone booth intrigues you! Peek-a-boo, this peeping wall is hiding hitherto unseen videos! Oh, the Pop Art bathroom where you can make out Lova Moor’s (the founder, Alain Bernardin’s muse) silhouette…  Your curiosity piqued, you dive into the vibrant and crimson atmosphere of the small venue. From the lip-shaped seats, to the private Lova-Lova and Rita Cadillac alcoves, or the Polly Underground bar, your imagination will abound with the history of the most glamorous cabaret of the French capital.

You will savor the opportunity to have the entire place all to yourself for this very special moment. During your visit your  special guide will reveal everything you’ve always wanted to know: what a day in the life of a dancer looks like, how they are recruited, how big the stage is, if the dancers can see the audience during the show… you’ll see, she’s passionate about sharing “her” Crazy Horse with you!

Hippy Bang Bang, dancer: “Our cabaret was founded in 1951 and has a unique history, full of surprising and fascinating anecdotes. By sharing them with the public, I’m sharing the dream!”

Behind the scenes chic at Crazy Horse Paris

Hidden from view behind the bar, a door leads backstage where delicious amuse-bouches and exceptional champagne await! You are in the former office of the Crazy Horse’s founder, the “Salon Bernardin”, covered in mirrors, red velvet and echoes from the past. It is here that the most emblematic acts were conceived and legends crossed paths.

The show starts in fifteen minutes! It’s time for your special guide to vanish from sight, only to reappear again later on stage. In a moment, in an instant, she will be there, dressed in light… will you be able to recognize her? In the meantime, you will be brought to your VIP seat where a half bottle of Laurent Perrier champagne (champagne Laurent Perrier) awaits. Your mind replete with golden bubbles and giddy musings, it’s time for the "Totally Crazy" show to begin!

Mika Do, dancer: The Crazy Experience is an original way of connecting us to the audience and of unleashing its imagination before the show.”

Svetlana Konstantinova, stage and production manager: “The Crazy Experience provides depth and understanding. Those who have experienced it will see the show  with completely new eyes!”

Your Crazy Experience

The Crazy Experience starts 1h30 before the curtain call:

  • For the 8pm show, the visit starts at 6:30pm
  • For the 7pm show, the visit starts at 5:30pm
  • VIP welcome for groups of up to 14 people
  • Guided tour of the cabaret by one of the dancers followed by 2 glasses of champagne, as well as a selection of amuse-bouche
  • VIP seats and a ½ bottle of Laurent Perrier champagne and a Crazy gift !

Price per person: 295€

The Crazy Experience is also available for private tours 7 days a week. Please contact our box office at: or +33(0) for further information.

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Our “Crazy Experience” available in French every Friday and Saturday, every Sunday in English.

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