Pink October: the Crazy Horse Paris gets involved

October is a special month for women: breast cancer screening and fundraising both feature in this annual campaign. Crazy Horse Paris, temple of womanhood, is making its own distinctive contribution to ensure Pink October is a big success.


Steadfast support for “Souffle de Violette

A great story about women, a great initiative for women: it all started in 2011, as a collaboration between Crazy Horse Paris and the EREEL endowment fund. So the club has been involved for eight years, committed and supportive of this programme helping women affected by cancer to get their lives back on track.

Whether it’s makeup tutorials or special events, these experiences quietly shared by the Crazy Girls and the Violettes are moments stolen away from the illness, an affirmation of life. During these times together, femininity is restored, enhanced: a way of defying adversity with pride, happiness and confidence.

A  “Crazy Curiosity” Pink October special

1 minute 43 seconds, that’s how long it takes Mika Do and Gloria Di Parma to laughingly choose between “Good girl or bad girl”, ”Touch or taste”… Crazy Curiosity, specially created in support of the “Souffle de Violette” programme for Pink October, is a fine way for the club to be involved that reflects its identity.

At Crazy Horse Paris, femininity, humour and sensuality are weapons of mass seduction. So the message to all women, whether or not they are fighting ill-health, is to cultivate their inner light as much as their outer glow. A great way of just being yourself.

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