Crazy Horse Paris is supporting women with Souffle de Violette

For seven years now, Crazy Horse Paris has been working closely with the ‘Souffle de Violette’ initiative run by the EREEL endowment fund. A great example of “women helping women”, it’s the brainchild of Christine Salaun-Chevalier, Ereel Founder-President.


‘Souffle de Violette’: feel like a woman again and get your life back 

This initiative, administered by the EREEL Endowment Fund, works to support women affected by cancer for up to 3 years following recovery, in a non-hospital environment. 2,000 women from all over France are receiving support from a network of 200 volunteer professionals providing specially targeted help.


Among the services on offer are free chiropody, make-up tutorials, face and body treatments, assistance with returning to work, legal advice, healthy eating cookery classes, support for careers and much more… Each woman is free to choose which workshops she wants to do.

The aim of the programme and its workshops is to support cancer survivors who have often lost confidence in themselves as women and as members of society. Without fuss and in complete confidence.


Crazy Horse Paris, supporting ‘Souffle de Violette’

Crazy Horse Paris first got involved with Souffle de Violette back in 2011. As well as Souffle de Violette, the Ereel Endowment Fund supports a range of foundations and our very first contact came about when a young man suffering from myopathy expressed a wish to come to Crazy Horse Paris. He was hosted by our cabaret teams and enjoyed a wonderful evening, an occasion when strong links were also made with Christine Salaun-Chevalier.



Since then, the Crazy Girls and ‘Souffle de Violette’ have worked together more and more, a fine example of women supporting women. The dancers were happy to commit to a series of events and photos with the ‘Violettes’ to celebrate ‘Pink October’, including cookery demonstrations, a beauty party featuring “Crazy” makeup, and more.


Christine Salaun-Chevalier : For the women we support, spending time with the beautiful and friendly Crazy Girls is an invaluable experience that restores their confidence and helps them reveal and regain their own identity as women.


Crazy Horse Paris wigmaker, Raphaël Knafo, is also involved, supplying wigs, personalised haircare and advice for all the women on the programme.
The club and its artistes are proud to be hosting the annual Souffle de Violette gala evening, on Monday 26 March, with a performance of its current show “Totally Crazy”.



Are you interested in the ‘Souffle de Violette’ programme?

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