Philippe Decouflé is the new artistic director of the Crazy Horse


Philippe Decouflé nominated at the Crazy Horse

Philippe Decouflé has just been nominated as the Artistic Director of the Crazy Horse Paris.

Succeeding women choreographers, he is the first male to continue the Crazy Horse’s dream since the passing of Alain Bernardin, the genius that founded this Parisian nightlife must.

He will create a few acts next December and a new show will be launched in September 2009.

This is a new step of the strategy initiated 3 years ago, whose aim is to bring creation back at the center of the activities of the Crazy Horse Paris.

A touch of modernity, humour and warmth

« The Crazy Horse Paris offers Philippe Decouflé’s talent and know-how as a way to bring to life a creative outburst. The new acts will originate in the artistic, original and colorful eye of one of the French greatest choreographers of today », quotes Andrée Deissenberg, Managing Director of the Crazy Horse.

Philippe Decouflé explained : « I have always been intrigued by the style and the discipline of this company and I’m honoured by my nomination. I wish to give it a touch of modernity, humour and warmth while preserving the heritage of its founder, Alain Bernardin ».

Philippe Decouflé, French choreographer, dancer and film director

Born in 1961, Philippe Decouflé is a French choreographer, dancer and film director. After briefly working as a solo dancer, he formed the Découflé Company of Arts in 1983.

In France, he is famous for having choreographed the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1992 Winter Olympics in front of a global television audience of over two billion people.