Lolly Wish & George Bangable: a perfect match of glamour and humor

If you’ve already seen “Totally Crazy”, you’ve probably noticed that one of the great novelties of the show is the participation of the Belgian burlesque duo of George Bangable and Lolly Wish. Their mission is to make your evening at Crazy Horse Paris even more magical, welcoming you 30 minutes before the show.

Just before the show, wearing clothes made of light, they open themselves up to a game of questions and answers. Here get to know these wonderful artists even better...

You form an ultra-glamorous couple: how did you build your characters?

George: I’ve always been attracted to the aesthetic and singing repertoire of the golden age of Hollywood, of cabaret and the music hall. Between the 1920s and the 1950s, gentlemen were symbols of elegance and refinement: they were very present in films, illustrations and songs.
I chose my stage name, George Bangable, as a tribute to Clark Gable, whose mustache I sport. But I’m also a fan of men such as John Gilbert, Rudolph Valentino, Errol Flynn and others.

Lolly: My inspiration is Woman, with a capital W, in all her femininity and audacity, character and power. Of all the women who meet this definition, for me, it’s Mae West who most perfectly fits the bill. With her, you’ve got a leading woman, endowed with incredible sex appeal, who personifies this paradox that’s hard to accept: that of a woman who combines beauty, eroticism and spirit. She really pushed the codes and what’s more, they created film censorship just because of her!  Mae West had a gift for making the implicit sexual message, such as the famous “Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?” I mean, she’s my absolute model.

How did you get your start at Crazy Horse Paris?

George: In 2015 I got cast to be part of several legendary variety numbers of Crazy Horse Paris, and then Lolly was chosen to sing “Striptease-moi”, an act created by Chantal Thomass for the show “Dessous Dessus”. We then met Andrée Deissenberg, who entrusted us with the entertainment on December 31, 2016, with a memorable striptease by Lolly. After that, we were invited to perform at the Valentine Day’s evening in early 2017, before having the privilege to be chosen to accompany the show “Totally Crazy”. An honor, and a crowning recognition of our work!

How do you feel that you’re in symbiosis with or fit into Crazy Horse Paris’s codes and image?

Lolly: Our characters stand out while at the same time perfectly entering into the spirit of Crazy Horse Paris. By coming to the cabaret to see the show, the audience knows that it’s going to have a glamorous spectacle, with sophisticated acts, embodied by sublime and inaccessible women. We bring our own interpretation of glamour, by being at once unreal, because our characters are sophisticated to the extreme, and then again, very carnal, because my curves are not those of the Crazy Horse Paris dancers’. We move about the stage but also among the spectators, so there’s a very strong connection that gets created, night after night. We sing, we dance with the audience, we look out for a millionaire – male or female – and the audience loves it! Our goal is to accompany them throughout the evening with glamour and humor, and to modestly be the little cherry on the cake of the show. We hope that the happiness that we enjoy in being on stage at Crazy Horse Paris is shared with the audience!

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