Première at Crazy Horse
December 2011
Simone Veil
I'm known for
Being a poet and an actress
"My stage-name comes from the violin, an instrument I’ve played ever since I was a child"
Dancer Viola Waterloo Crazy Horse Paris By Thomas Hélard
"Rougir de Désir is my favorite number"
"What’s Crazy, is an assertive woman"

How did you get your stage-name?

My stage-name comes from the violin, an instrument I’ve played ever since I was a child and “Waterloo” as in the battle, which also describes my personality.


What is your fondest memory at the Crazy Horse thus far?

When I did my first solo act, Good Girl. I was terrified, but once the curtain was drawn, it was amazing!


How do you get motivated when you get up every day?

My daily half-hour of yoga allows me to get off to a good start.


Who is the woman that inspires you most?

Amma, founder of Embracing the World.


What’s your best beauty and/or fitness tip?

Drink water!


What does it mean to you to dance on the stage of Crazy ?

To dance on this stage is to have the chance to express the strength of women, to celebrate our bodies, our right to anger, to desire, to joy and to carelessness!


What is your favorite act in the show?

Rougir de Désir is my favorite number.


How do you become a Crazy Horse dancer?

By passing an audition!


How do you prepare before getting on stage? Are there any rituals you go through?

As soon as I arrive, I put on my makeup and do my warmup exercises.


In only three words, how would you define a Crazy Girl?

Feminine, strong and funny.


Photos : Rémi Desclaux, Thomas Helard, Esteban Wautier