Celebrate 67 years of chic and glamour at Crazy Horse Paris!

With its ever so modern and bold approach, the Crazy Horse is proud to flaunt its sixty-seven years of age, without a wrinkle in sight!

The secret to its everlasting youth? Its ability to create, beautify, thrill… and share with its audience.


Happy birthday beloved Crazy Horse.





Forever glamorous!

Crazy Horse Paris first opened the doors of its “saloon” to Parisians and tourists from all over the world on May 19th, 1951. Since its beginnings, the cabaret has shown its signature and strong identity, showcasing the heritage of its founder, Alain Bernardin. Boldness and glamour, which are at the core of the Crazy’s identity, have always been blended with modernity: brazen avant-garde, from the 50’s until now.


Every night, free and proud feminine identity is showcased in a wide array of iconic shows with gorgeous scenes, interpreted by Crazy Girls embodying the spirit of the cabaret. Every creation, every collaboration, is in tune with its time, allowing us to create constant breathtaking snapshots of pure beauty, hypnotizing movements, and dizzying curves.

A center for artistic expression

Very quickly, Crazy Horse Paris became the major meeting point of Paris’ in-crowd. After honing its artistic signature very early on, the cabaret dared to dress the Crazy Girls with lights, and offered, as the years went on, iconic scenes like the magnetic “Scanner”, the glimmering “Baby Buns”, or the seductive “Undress To Kill”.


Well rooted in its time, and beloved by the stars, Crazy Horse Paris develops artistic collaborations as early as 2006, with the fabulous Dita Von Teese as its first “Guest Star”. In her number, the glamorous icon and burlesque star pays tribute to Miss Candida’s “Le Bain”, which made a splash in 1951. The following years, Crazy Horse Paris continued to welcome feminine icons: Clotilde Courau, Arielle Dombasle, Pamela Anderson, Noémie Lenoir, as well as a woman from another gender, Conchita Wurst.


In addition to receiving “Guest Stars”, Crazy Horse Paris has been committed to creating and maintaining exceptional collaborations with a broad range of artists. In 2009, choreographer Philippe Decouflé stages “Désirs”, then in 2012, Christian Louboutin creates 4 unique scenes for the “Feu” show, while in 2016, Chantal Thomass (un)dresses the “Dessous Dessus” show.



So it’s with unaltered energy and vitality, and a tad of “So Crazy” insolence that the cabaret is preparing for its 67th birthday.

Will you come along?

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Photos : Riccardo Tinelli & Mark Davies