Stage and Production Director, Svetlana Konstantinova, responsible for the Crazy Horse dance troupe in Paris and on tour, knows absolutely everything there is to know about Crazy Horse Paris.

Equipe artistique Svetlana Kostantinova Crazy Horse


The devil is in the details

She makes sure that day in, day out, every show is just as perfect as those who produced it had imagined them to be. With the eye of an eagle, Svetlana ensures that the tiniest little details are as they should be, for, as Alain Bernardin was wont to say, the devil is in the details.

Svetlana knows the Crazy choreographies like the back of her hand, and is therefore also entrusted with the arduous task of training the dancers, the famous Crazy Girls who, every evening, perform in the most glamorous “Désirs show in Paris and in the “Forever Crazy” show on tour around the globe and presenting a selection of best-of numbers.

As Stage and Production Director and working backstage at the legendary Parisian cabaret, she’s also in charge of rehearsals, making sure that the Grazy Girl dancers are always at the top of their game.

Thoughtful and considerate, meticulous and energetic, Svetlana enjoys sharing her considerable experience and knowledge of what makes the Crazy Horse Paris so magical, with the other dancers.

Creating the "Desirs" show

Passionate about the cabaret, Svetlana Konstantinova who was a dancer and captain at the Paradis Latin, worked closely on the “Désirs” show with Philippe Decouflé. She acted as a link between the choreographer and dancers, while the former was working on creating the show in 2008 and 2009. The “Désirs” show is being performed at the acclaimed Crazy Horse Paris ever since its inauguration in September of 2009.

Backstage at the Crazy

A Russian dancer, Svetlana Konstantinova was born and raised in Saint Petersburg. At age 8 she starts her classical ballet training at the Ecole des Arts and began her dancing career at the Trioka, one of the most famous Russian stages.

Drawn to France, Svetlana joined the dance troupe at the Paradis Latin, before landing the job as manager of the sublime Crazy Girls in 2007. Major figure and essential to the legendary cabaret, located in the heart of the Golden Triangle in Paris, she starts out as an assistant and later worked her way up to become the Show Manager in 2009. As of 2015, she is Stage and Production Director.

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