Backstage at Crazy Horse Paris: meet two Crazy Girls, Fasty Wizz and Trauma Tease

Trauma Tease and Fasty Wizz have been Crazy Girls for 5 and 12 years respectively. The former, a brunette with hypnotic blue eyes, as sensual as she is spontaneous, took the lead in the show “Désirs” in 2015, while the latter, a dance “captain”(responsible for maintaining standards in the troupe), is a fantastically energetic beauty with a brilliant attitude. Her wonderful curves were featured in the joint venture between Crazy Horse Paris and Aubade.

Ambassadors for French chic and glamour, these two young women offer a private glimpse into the creativity, rigour and passion of their professional life.




How and why did you come to join the famous Crazy Girls?

Fasty Wizz: I come from the Ardennes, and I started dancing (mainly modern jazz) when I was 9 years old. I have wanted to be a member of the legendary Crazy Horse Paris troupe ever since I saw them perform on TV one New Year’s Eve when I was very young: the show literally fascinated me. All I wanted was to become a dancer, so I went to an audition, hoping to become a Crazy Girl.

Why Crazy Horse Paris? Because the cabaret is a legend: it’s famous all over the world! It’s the perfect setting, exalting femininity and encouraging self-expression.


Trauma Tease: I’m from Nantes, and I’ve also been dancing for a long time (classical and modern jazz). I left home at 13½ to join a dance academy. At 18, I was finally able to audition to be a Crazy Girl, which had been my dream for years.

I didn’t want to dance anywhere but Crazy Horse Paris. It’s a place unique in the world and there’s lots of opportunity for interpretation during a performance. We are much more than dancers, we can express our personalities and we are playing a game, it’s precisely that aspect of the show that has always attracted me.



What is a typical day for a Crazy Girl?

Trauma Tease: You can’t really describe a “typical day” because each Crazy Girl manages her time the way she wants to when she’s not rehearsing or performing. Rehearsals are in the afternoon, once or twice a week except when we’re creating a show, when of course the pace is more intense. The rest of the time, I spend on my other interests: art and design, modelling, my friends.

Fasty Wizz: A Crazy Girl’s timetable leaves plenty of space for other activities. I’m involved with a charity working to combat multiple sclerosis, and it’s quite easy to manage both these aspects of life. When we are performing in the evening, the hours are 6 pm till 1 am: the pace is intense and it’s a very full day’s work, even though it’s out of the normal time frame.



What is your favourite number and why? 

Fasty Wizz: I really like “But I’m a Good Girl, a real Crazy Horse Paris classic. It’s in our current show “Totally Crazy” – I’d always wanted to do it and it was the first solo I was lucky enough to be given. That was a really emotional moment and I’ll never forget it. I’ve been playing that “Good Girl” for 12 years now, and I always enjoy revisiting it. Come and see me perform!


Trauma Tease: For me, “Crisis? What Crisis!” has to be my favourite. A number by Philippe Decouflé that is currently in our touring show “Forever Crazy”. I liked it from my very first rehearsal at Crazy Horse Paris, and I soon found I was very much in tune with the role. I also enjoy watching “Rougir de Désir”, another number by Philippe Decouflé, which is in “Totally Crazy”. I think these two numbers are very strong and emblematic: they express the quintessence of Crazy Horse Paris.




What do you think defines a Crazy Girl?

Fasty Wizz: She has to have charisma…

Trauma Tease: … sensuality, be a little bit wild…

Fasty Wizz: and have very high standards. When you join the troupe, you must leave behind your usual routines as a dancer and learn to get your body to express itself in a new way. This process is a real learning experience so you can fully absorb the role of a Crazy Girl. And you’re never the same again!

Both: … you’re a Crazy Girl for life!


How would you define femininity?

Fasty Wizz: The woman of today knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want. She is completely at ease with herself and relaxed about using her charm and sensuality when she chooses to.

Trauma Tease: Femininity also means not imposing taboos on yourself and being completely free to be you. Quite simply, it’s the best present a woman can give herself!



Trauma Tease and Fasty Wizz: two young women feeling good, happy with who they are, and proud to represent Crazy Horse Paris!

Come and see them on stage, together with the other Crazy Girls, for a “Totally Crazy” evening.


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Photos : Riccardo Tinelli & François Goizé