The dancers of Crazy Horse Paris reveal their beauty secrets!

Sensual icons, they take femininity to its highest level: discover the beauty routines and tips of the dancers of Crazy Horse Paris.

Apply daily without moderation!


Being comfortable in your body: the first essential beauty step

Showing a curved, harmonious, toned body is the very essence of beauty and femininity. But beyond your natural grace, this takes work. The dancers of Crazy Horse Paris know this well: they dance 5 to 6 evenings a week, not to mention the preparations and the rehearsals. They have all been classically trained in dance before joining the cabaret, from which they have acquired “shape capital”, which they maintain throughout the year.


Working out is obviously very important for sculpting a dream profile… and keeping it! But the last thing they want is to develop their muscles in a too obvious way. For working on keeping lithe, on being firm, and especially on the famous arched back that is the very trademark of Crazy Horse Paris, the dancers have their little secrets:

Beauty comes from the inside

To have a healthy body, you also need to pamper it from the inside. If the dancers don’t follow any diet, they take courses with a naturopath to balance their meals.

For smooth and firm skin, hydration is critical: at least two to three liters of water a day, and eat as little salt as possible.

Treating your body and mind well also means laughing, living and being filled with wonder: more than a beauty tip, this is a way of being that simply radiates femininity!



Makeup: revealing and enhancing

To proudly declare your femininity, makeup naturally plays its part. False eyelashes for an enigmatic look, or a luscious and assertive mouth, the Crazy dancers have a very precise makeup signature when they step onstage. But it doesn’t end there!

Foundations and loose powder are the basic cosmetics for a peach-colored, uniform complexion that catches the light. On perfect skin, of course, well hydrated and always impeccably purified before bedtime. And the same goes for the buttocks, which Fasty Wizz suggests making up with an iridescent powder in order to catch the light, or even create contouring for a curved effect.

For the eyes, each dancer has her own ritual: for Mika Do, green eye shadow and eyeliner are her favorites, giving her those cat eyes that are as mysterious as they are intoxicating. The basic rule? That smoky eye, sexy and feminine, needs to harmonize with her outfit and the color of her hair. Beautiful down to the ends of their eyebrows, the dancers of the Crazy also highlight these with a waterproof cream.



The captivating mouths of these ladies are made up in a lipstick specially created for the Crazy, and fixed with a clear transparent powder for a perfect hold.


With these tips, unleash the free, bold and sensual woman within you!


Photos: Riccardo Tinelli