Photo du spectacle Totally Crazy, 66 ans de glamour au cabaret le Crazy Horse Paris © François Goizé


66 Years of “Totally Crazy” glamour!

On May 19, 1951, Crazy Horse Paris opened its doors on Avenue George V. Sixty-six years later, the cabaret, now mythic, takes its audience into a “Totally Crazy” show. What a beautiful age! The legendary House in Avenue George V wears it with ever more daring, glamour and femininity… happy birthday dear Crazy Horse! 

A glamorous artistic signature refined over the decades  

Femininity exalted by a costume of light, acts inspired by current events: this is how Alain Bernardin, founder of Crazy Horse Paris, sees his cabaret. Over the years, this signature, carried on by his successors and then by Andrée Deissenberg, the current General Manager of Creation & Development, has established and strengthened the identity of Crazy Horse Paris.

With acts of a perfect aestheticism become iconic, fabulous collaborations with exceptional artists, Crazy Horse Paris has been able to magnify the Woman in her glamorous quintessence, bringing with her a gusty air of freedom and audacity … and has been doing this successfully for 66 years!

A “Totally Crazy” birthday with the Crazy Girls!

Crazy Horse Paris and its audience: a love story that has also lasted for 66 years. The spectators and the fans of Crazy Horse Paris show their attachment to the cabaret, love to discover its shows and all the news, and share with the cabaret a vision of Woman: bold, beautiful and sensual.

Since the success of Crazy Horse Paris is intimately linked to you, come celebrate this 66th birthday with the Crazy Girls and the whole Crazy Horse Paris team!

Discover our new show “Totally Crazy and treat yourself to an exceptional evening by choosing our Dinner and the Show offers: our partner restaurants, all located nearby, welcome you, before or after the show, to a gourmet getaway that will delight your taste buds. And for a glamorous and bubbly evening, come and try the Crazy Experience: an exclusive backstage reception by one of our sublime dancers, which lets you get up close to the Crazy Horse Paris myth in VIP style.
Crazy Horse Paris is on its tiptoes  (in shoes by Louboutin of course) waiting for you!

Photo : François Goizé